20 Facts About DePaul University


DePaul University is a private, Catholic research university in Chicago, Illinois.

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DePaul University is classified among "R2: Doctoral Universities – High research activity".

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Originally named St Vincent's College, DePaul University was founded in 1898 by the Congregation of the Mission priests and brothers, known as the Vincentians.

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DePaul University began admitting women in 1911 and awarded degrees to its first female graduates in 1912.

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DePaul University established the School of Music and the College of Commerce, the latter becoming one of the oldest business schools in the nation.

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DePaul University mobilized for World War II, offering its facilities for war training and free courses to train people for industry work.

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In 1954, DePaul University adopted its current armorial seal with coat of arms and motto: "Viam sapientiae monstrabo tibi" .

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In 1972, DePaul University created the School for New Learning, one of the first colleges in the nation for adult students.

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In 1978, DePaul University acquired the 47-year-old Goodman School of Drama from the Goodman Theatre and transformed it into The Theatre School.

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In 2016 DePaul university required a campus Republican group to redesign posters reading "Unborn Lives Matter" before granting permission to post them on the campus.

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DePaul University entered into a merger with Barat College in 2001, from which it withdrew in 2005 after continued low enrollment and rising maintenance costs made the campus nonviable.

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In 2012, a group of trustees and administrators of DePaul University was asked by the Archdiocese of Chicago and the priests and brothers of the Congregation of the Resurrection to assist Gordon Tech High School.

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DePaul University opened Wintrust Arena in October 2017 after using Allstate Arena for previous basketball games.

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In 2008, DePaul University purchased the 18-story 14 East Jackson Boulevard Building at State and Jackson, formerly the Lytton Building, across the street from the DePaul University Center.

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Robert Morris DePaul University later joined and houses students in the DePaul University Center of Chicago.

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The community and clinical-community psychology programs won the Award for Excellence in Education Programs from the Society for Community Research and Action ; DePaul University's program was the first recipient of the award, given for the first time in 2007.

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DePaul University's Continuing and Professional Education division provides non-degree-based professional development and adult education courses to individuals and to groups of employees at companies, organizations and governmental agencies.

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DePaul University competes in NCAA Division I and is a member of the Big East Conference.

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DePaul University's mascot is DIBS which stands for Demon In a Blue Suit.

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DePaul University has been to the NCAA tournament 22 times and NIT tournament 16 times.

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