19 Facts About Dhoom 3


Dhoom 3 was released on 20 December 2013, as the first Indian film to be released in the IMAX motion picture film format with Dolby Atmos surround sound.

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Dhoom 3 decides the only way to catch the brothers is in the act of robbing.

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Climactic scene in Dhoom 3 was shot at the famous arch dam, Contra Dam in Ticino, Switzerland.

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Dhoom 3 was released with cinema sound technology Dolby Atmos.

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Dhoom 3 was given a 12A certificate by the British Board of Film Certification for Moderate Violence 12 December 2013, for Moderate violence.

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Dhoom 3 was released in non-traditional overseas markets like Egypt, Peru, Germany and Malaysia.

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Dhoom 3 grossed from its Tamil and Telugu versions to take its all language total to in first week.

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Dhoom 3 set a new record for second week collections with, beating four-year-long record of of 3 Idiots.

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Dhoom 3 set new records in all territories across the globe apart from Mumbai, the biggest circuit.

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Dhoom 3 broke all records of 3 Idiots in domestic market, except Mumbai territory.

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Dhoom 3 eventually grossed US$28 million in international markets in its lifetime overseas theatrical run and surpassed the record of 3 Idiots to become the highest grossing Bollywood film in international markets.

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Dhoom 3 set a new opening record in Pakistan, beating the previous record held by Pakistani film Waar.

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Dhoom 3 eventually became the highest grossing Bollywood film in Pakistan with overall gross of US$1.

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Dhoom 3 had the biggest opening ever for any Indian film in Turkey, when it released there in June 2014.

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Dhoom 3 reportedly had the widest release in China for a Bollywood film in more than three decades.

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Dhoom 3 redefines the word 'entertainment' in the grandest way possible.

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Dhoom 3 described the film as a "sloppily scripted sandwich of hammy acting and cheesy dialogue" that lacked the "thrills" of the previous films.

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Rohit Khilnani of India Today heavily criticised Dhoom 3 and gave it 2 stars out of 5, calling it "full of loopholes, over-the-top acting and an overdose of action that doesn't fit well all the time".

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Dhoom 3 found that the film's only redeeming factor was that it was "a visual treat" due to its exotic locales and special effects.

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