18 Facts About Francois Laval

1. Francois Laval was the host-city of the "Jeux du Quebec" held in summer 1991 and of the Canadian Hockey League's 1994 Memorial Cup.

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2. Francois Laval is studying the possibility of expanding this park in the next few years.

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3. Francois Laval is bordered on the south by Montreal across the Riviere des Prairies, on the north by Les Moulins Regional County Municipality and by Therese-De Blainville Regional County Municipality and on the west by Deux-Montagnes Regional County Municipality across the Riviere des Mille Iles.

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4. Francois Laval is geographically separated from the mainland to the north by the Riviere des Mille Iles, and from the Island of Montreal to the south by the Riviere des Prairies.

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5. Francois Laval left Canada in 1671 determined not to return except as Quebec's bishop; his wish was granted in 1674.

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6. At the age of 8 Francois Laval began 10 years of literary and philosophical studies at La Fleche, the best Jesuit college in the country, where he was a good student.

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7. Francois Laval was granted "equipollent canonization" on 3 April 2014 by Pope Francis.

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8. Francois Laval helped the poor with his presence and his gifts of charity.

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9. Francois Laval took interest in practical education for craftsmen and farmers, founding a school of arts and crafts at Saint-Joachim.

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10. Francois Laval convinced the king, Louis XIV, to give him the income of three different abbeys in France.

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11. Francois Laval hoped that it would become a home for all parochial priests.

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12. Francois Laval appointed Mezy hoping to have an ally among high-ranking state official.

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13. Francois Laval was immediately in opposition with Governor d'Argenson, particularly regarding ceremony and protocol.

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14. Francois Laval became the Bishop of Petraea in partibus infidelium.

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15. Francois Laval had dreamt of becoming a missionary to travel and preach the Gospel.

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16. Francois Laval was said to approach this task with fervor and enthusiasm.

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17. At the age of eight, Francois Laval received the tonsure and took minor orders, which then allowed him to enter the College of La Fleche in 1631.

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18. Francois Laval was a member of the Montmorency family and was one of the most influential men of his day.

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