26 Facts About Furman University


Furman University is a private liberal arts university in Greenville, South Carolina, United States.

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Furman University closed from 1861 to 1866, when "most students and several faculty members enlisted in the Confederate forces.

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In 1924, Furman University was named one of four collegiate beneficiaries of the Duke Endowment.

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In 1953, Furman University began construction on its new campus, five miles north of downtown Greenville.

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In 1992, Furman ended its affiliation with the South Carolina Baptist Convention and became a private, secular university, while keeping Christo et Doctrinae as the school's motto.

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Furman University's "heritage is rooted in the non-creedal, free church Baptist tradition which has always valued particular religious commitments while insisting not only on the freedom of the individual to believe as he or she sees fit but on respect for a diversity of religious perspectives, including the perspective of the non-religious person.

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The infrastructure and networks necessary to support The Furman University Advantage were made possible when Furman University received $47 million from The Duke Endowment.

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The Furman University Advantage provides more stipends for students to partake into faculty-mentored research.

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The growing interest and infrastructure for research at Furman University can be witnessed in the creation of the annual Faculty Scholarship Reception.

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Furman University's is the 12th president of the institution, or 16th when counting interim presidents.

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Furman University is not divided into colleges, but includes centers and four institutes.

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Furman University has produced 20 Truman Scholars, as well as several Rhodes scholars and recipients of Goldwater, Fulbright and National Science Foundation Awards.

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Furman University has been mentioned in other specialized lists such as The Daily Beasts 2011 edition of "Most Rigorous Colleges in America", where it was ranked second above Columbia, Harvard and Yale.

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Over time, Furman University has been featured in specialized rankings such as the Washington Monthly rankings based on its production of valuable research to society and its commitment to national service, where it was ranked 15th in the nation.

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From 2006 to 2015 Furman University ranked first in the South and 26th among all liberal arts in the nation.

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Furman University ranked sixth in percentage of graduates that went on to receive PHds from 2006 to 2017 among all the universities in the South, and 76th among all universities in the nation.

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Furman University received a grade of "A-" from the Sustainable Endowments Institute on its College Sustainability Report Card in 2011.

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Furman University takes part in the voluntary self-reporting Sustainability Tracking Assessment Ratings System, where it was one of 38 institutions to achieve a gold rating.

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Furman University's campus has received special attention in the rankings and is considered one of the most beautiful campuses in the world and the nation.

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Furman University's campus is located at the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in the upstate region of South Carolina.

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Informally known as "The Country Club of the South, " Furman University was named one of the 362 most beautiful places in America by the American Society of Landscape Architects.

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The Furman University Farm is a quarter-acre garden located beside the Cliffs Cottage and the Furman University Lake.

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Furman University competes in NCAA Division I athletics, and at the FCS level in football and is one of the smallest NCAA Division I schools in the nation.

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Furman University is the only liberal arts college to be ranked in Sports Illustrated Top-100 America's Best Sports Colleges and has 32 former student-athletes competing at the professional level—the most of any Southern Conference member school.

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In 2018, Furman University placed in the top 75 best colleges in the NACDA Directors' Cup Division I Final Standings, being the only liberal arts college in the US and only member of the Southern Conference to do so.

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Furman University is the alma mater to a head of government, a Nobel Prize laureate, winners of the Grammy Award, Emmy Award, Pulitzer Award and the Newbery Medal, as well as U S Senators, U S Congressmen, state governors, and other government officials, judges, business leaders, entertainers, and athletes.

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