31 Facts About Girls Aloud


Girls Aloud were an pop girl group that was created through the ITV talent show Popstars: The Rivals in 2002.

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Girls Aloud was formed on 30 November 2002 in front of millions of viewers on ITV's Popstars: The Rivals.

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The group was named Girls Aloud and were managed by Louis Walsh until 2005 when Hilary Shaw replaced him.

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Girls Aloud won the battle with their single "Sound of the Underground", produced by Brian Higgins and Xenomania.

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In November 2003, Girls Aloud released a cover version of the Pointer Sisters' 1980s dance hit "Jump".

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Girls Aloud then recorded a cover of The Pretenders' "I'll Stand by You" which was released as the official Children in Need charity single.

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The single ended Girls Aloud's run of top five singles when it charted at number seven.

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Girls Aloud won the Heart Award for the single at the O2 Silver Clef Lunch.

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In 2005, Girls Aloud filmed a one-off documentary entitled Girls Aloud: Home Truths for ITV2.

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In May 2006, Girls Aloud embarked on their first arena tour, the Chemistry Tour.

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In October 2006, Girls Aloud released their first greatest hits collection, The Sound of Girls Aloud: The Greatest Hits.

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Girls Aloud became the first British act to reach the top five purely on download sales; the single peaked at number three following its physical release.

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In March 2007, Girls Aloud collaborated with fellow British girl group Sugababes for the cover of the song "Walk This Way" by Aerosmith.

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In May 2007, Girls Aloud embarked on their third tour, The Greatest Hits Tour.

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Girls Aloud released their fourth studio album, Tangled Up, in November 2007.

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Girls Aloud received their second BRIT Award nomination in 2008, nominated for the Best British Group award.

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In May 2008, Girls Aloud embarked on the Tangled Up Tour which consisted of 34 concerts around the United Kingdom.

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Girls Aloud then recorded two tracks for the soundtrack to the movie, St Trinian's.

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In November 2008, Girls Aloud released their fifth studio album and would be their final studio album Out of Control, which entered the UK Albums Chart at number one and became their most successful studio album to date, being certified double platinum.

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Girls Aloud embarked on the Out of Control Tour, which ran from April to June 2009.

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In February 2009, Girls Aloud signed a new record deal with Fascination that would see the group release another three studio albums.

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However, in July 2009, Girls Aloud announced that they were taking a year-long hiatus to pursue solo projects, but would reunite for a new studio album in 2010 which did not materialise.

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Two months later, Girls Aloud briefly interrupted the hiatus to do two shows supporting Coldplay along with Jay-Z at Wembley Stadium.

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On 24 July 2022, Girls Aloud reunited for 5K run in Hyde Park to raise awareness and money for breast cancer research.

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Girls Aloud came together with Mattel in 2005 to produce Fashion Fever Barbies.

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Girls Aloud co-wrote an autobiography titled Dreams That Glitter – Our Story.

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Girls Aloud appeared in television advertisements for Nintendo DS the following year.

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Girls Aloud's cover of The Pretenders' "I'll Stand by You" was released as the official 2004 Children in Need single, with proceeds going to the charity.

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Girls Aloud celebrated their 10 years as a group by releasing another Children in Need single, "Something New", which they performed on the Children in Need TV special on 16 November 2012.

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Girls Aloud worked closely with Brian Higgins and his songwriting and production team Xenomania throughout their career.

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Girls Aloud are notably one of the few British reality television acts to achieve continued success and longevity.

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