28 Facts About Xenomania


Xenomania is an English songwriting and production team founded by Brian Higgins and based in Kent, England.

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Xenomania includes a house band who work on potential songs; members include Florrie Arnold Kieran Jones and Jason Resch.

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Xenomania started a "record label" of the same name in 2008, developing artists and working on material before looking for major label deals.

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Xenomania were approached to create the debut single for a girl group formed through the television talent show Popstars: The Rivals.

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In 2003, Xenomania wrote and produced "No Good Advice" for Girls Aloud, which reflected Higgins' general mood of failure after the deal between Xenomania and London Records fell through.

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Xenomania were approached to work with Australian pop singer Kylie Minogue on new tracks for her greatest hits collection Ultimate Kylie, including the single "Giving You Up", which developed a reputation among her fans as one of her worst singles.

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Higgins and Xenomania were given free rein for Girls Aloud's third album, Chemistry.

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Xenomania worked with other British artists such as Bananarama, Texas, and Rachel Stevens.

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Xenomania produced Totally Frank stars Frank's 2006 debut album; the group was dropped after their album failed to perform well.

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Xenomania produced seven more tracks for the album The Alesha Show and an additional two for its reissue.

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Xenomania worked with a number of other new artists, such as Alex Gardner, Jessie Malakouti, and Vagabond, to varying degrees of success.

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In 2011, Xenomania produced two tracks for The Saturdays' album On Your Radar, including their top five hit "All Fired Up", which was co-produced with Space Cowboy and MNEK.

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Xenomania worked with another X Factor alumnus, Amelia Lily, producing and writing an album that was shelved.

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Also in 2012, Xenomania recorded with Mutya Keisha Siobhan—a group consisting of the first line-up of the Sugababes—and Little Mix.

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Xenomania contributed two new tracks—including the single "Something New"—to Girls Aloud's second compilation album, Ten, the group's first album since announcing a hiatus after Out of Control.

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BBC Music hailed Ten as "incredible proof of how perfect pop can be in the right hands" and wrote that "Alongside the Xenomania hit machine, at their best Girls Aloud create a universe entirely of their own, standing as one of the greatest pop acts of this century".

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Also that year, Xenomania reunited with former Girls Aloud member Nadine Coyle to write and produce material for Coyle's upcoming second studio album.

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On 23 January 2019, Xenomania launched a four-member girl group called unperfect, releasing their debut single "Gots To Give The Girl" on the following day.

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However, unperfect did not stay together for very long, with Xenomania moving on to produce a five-piece girl group called CuteBad by 2022.

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Xenomania worked with American pop singer Britney Spears in 2003 during sessions for her fourth album In the Zone.

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Xenomania spent two years looking for talent worldwide, establishing Xenomania Records.

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In 2009, Xenomania held a "mini festival" entitled Xenofest in which they showcased their artists to journalists, record label representatives, and PRs.

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In 2012, Xenomania Records became an imprint of Sony Music Entertainment and signed Amelia Lily, a finalist from The X Factor.

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Xenomania held an open audition for recording artists in London's Shoreditch area in 2013.

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Xenomania always has a vision, he knows exactly what he's doing before we do.

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Songwriters and producers who have worked for Xenomania include Annie, Fred Falke, Tove Lo, Edele Lynch, MNEK, Deedee Ray, and Olivia Redmond.

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Since their inception, Xenomania has garnered praise from all areas of the international media.

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Xenomania won Best British Single for Girls Aloud's "The Promise" at the 2009 BRIT Awards, while Gabriella Cilmi's "Sweet About Me" won Best Single at the ARIA Music Awards of 2009.

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