13 Facts About Little Mix

1. Little Mix released their 5th studio album aptly named 'LM5' 2 days back and this one is quite special.

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2. Little Mix made a statement in snakeskin on Saturday as the band celebrated the launch of their fifth album.

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3. Little Mix has decided to part ways with Simon Cowell and his record label.

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4. Little Mix appeared at the two-part charity concert Children in Need Rocks 2013 to raise money for the campaign, performing a medley of their singles "Change Your Life", "DNA" and "Wings".

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5. In July 2016, Little Mix launched their second fragrance "Wishmaker".

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6. In June 2015, Little Mix launched their debut fragrance "Gold Magic".

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7. In September 2013, Little Mix launched their first makeup line with Collection.

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8. In early 2014, Little Mix launched their new range of nails with Elegant Touch as a result of the previous success.

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9. In May 2012, Little Mix reportedly signed a deal with Vivid and Bravado to release signature products including dolls, puzzles, accessories and games.

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10. On 25 January 2012, Little Mix made an appearance at the National Television Awards and performed the En Vogue song "Don't Let Go".

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11. On 20 November 2011, Little Mix became the first girl group in the show's eight-year history to progress past the seventh live show.

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12. Little Mix appeared on Debrett's 2017 list of the most influential people in the UK.

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13. Little Mix released their debut album DNA in 2012, which peaked inside the top 10 in ten countries including the UK and US.

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