25 Facts About Hainan


Hainan is the smallest and southernmost province of the People's Republic of China, consisting of various islands in the South China Sea.

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The capital of the province is Haikou, on the northern coast of Hainan Island, while Sanya is a well-known tourist destination on the southern coast.

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Hainan was originally attached to the Northeastern part of what is Vietnam; however, the island was formed after it physically broke away from Vietnam due to a volcanic eruption and drifted southeast near China after the Mesozoic, millions of years ago.

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Hainan Island was recorded by Chinese mandarin officials in 110 BC, when the Han dynasty of China established a military garrison there following the arrival of General Lu Bode.

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Hainan was historically part of Guangdong and Guangxi Provinces and as such was the Qiongya Circuit under the 1912 establishment of the Republic of China.

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Hainan was one of the last areas to eventually come under the administration of the People's Republic, having been under the control of ROC forces until March 1950.

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The area of Hainan Island is similar to that of Belgium or slightly smaller than that of Taiwan.

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Hainan island has rich bio-diversity of cetaceans and is the site of studying these in Chinese waters.

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Politics of Hainan is structured in a dual party-government system like all other governing institutions in mainland China.

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Governor of Hainan is the highest-ranking official in the People's Government of Hainan.

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Hainan Province uses a slightly different administrative system than the other provinces of China.

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Hainan Island is home to the People's Liberation Army Navy Hainan Submarine Base and strategic nuclear submarine naval harbor at Yalong Bay.

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Hainan's economy is predominantly agricultural, and more than a half of the island's exports are agricultural products.

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The central government has encouraged foreign investment in Hainan and has allowed the island to rely to a large extent on market forces.

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Hainan has over 400 hatcheries, most being located between Wenchang and Qionghai.

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Hainan Island is often divided into eight regions for tourism purposes: Haikou and area ; the Northeast ; the Central East Coast ; the South East Coast; the South ; the West Coast called the Chinese Riviera ; the North West ; and the Central Highlands.

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Government of Hainan is expanding the province's medical tourism industry.

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Hainan was famous for his lifelong honesty and his willingness to speak out on behalf of local people.

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Hainan's admirers built the Hai Rui Tomb after his death to commemorate his great works.

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Hainan Island has a number of beaches, hot springs and other attractions.

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Hainan has commercially exploitable reserves of more than 30 minerals.

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Since March 2010, commercial and residential property values in some parts of Hainan have slowed down since the market peaked in February.

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Hainan is the only province in China that does not have highway toll stations.

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Hainan received 11,000 tons of products via ports November 2010, up 90.

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Hainan's name has come down in history as a model of honesty and integrity in office.

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