8 Facts About Hollande

1. Francois Hollande will take part in talks with David Cameron and meet the Queen today during his one-day visit to Britain today.

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2. In 1979, while still a student, Hollande joined the Socialist Party, and he worked as an economic adviser in the administration of Pres.

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3. On 25 January 2014, Hollande officially announced his separation from Valerie Trierweiler after the tabloid magazine Closer revealed his affair with actress Julie Gayet.

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4. In September 2015, Hollande warned former Eastern Bloc countries against rejecting the EU mandatory migrant quotas, saying: "Those who don't share our values, those who don't even want to respect those principles, need to start asking themselves questions about their place in the European Union".

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5. On 27 February 2014, Hollande was a special guest of honor in Abuja, received by Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan in celebration of Nigeria's amalgamation in 1914, a 100-year anniversary.

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6. In 2014, Hollande took some of these troops out of Mali and spread them over the rest of the Sahel under Operation Barkhane, in an effort to curb jihadist militants.

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7. On 11 January 2013, Hollande authorised the execution of Operation Serval, which aimed to curtail the activities of Islamist extremists in the north of Mali.

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8. Francois Hollande was born on 12 August 1954 in Rouen.

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