26 Facts About Hugh Hewitt

1. Hugh Hewitt generated controversy when he oversaw the construction of the Nixon library in California in 1989.

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2. Hugh Hewitt spent time after college working as a ghostwriter for Richard Nixon in California and New York.

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3. Hugh Hewitt was raised in Ohio and went on to attend Harvard University, graduating with a degree in government in 1978.

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4. Hugh Hewitt talks with Senator Marco Rubio and John Bolton about the difficult situation in Venezuela.

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5. Hugh Hewitt described John Bolton, a nationalist hawk, as "peace-through-strength, 600-[Navy] ship, Reagan conservative".

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6. Hugh Hewitt used to spend the 15th hour of the week discussing movies with "Emmett of the Unblinking Eye".

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7. Hugh Hewitt used to be a weekly columnist for the Daily Standard and World.

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8. Hugh Hewitt was born on February 22, 1956 and is an American radio talk show host with the Salem Radio Network and a lawyer, academic, and author.

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9. Hugh Hewitt raised this point with Vice President Mike Pence during an interview last week, to which the Vice President told listeners to "stay tuned" for progress towards 355 ships.

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10. Hugh Hewitt promoting a soap opera or the presidency?.

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11. Hugh Hewitt lives in Orange County and is employed by the law firm.

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12. Hugh Hewitt has argued that media coverage of Pruitt has been "hyperpartisan".

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13. Hugh Hewitt argued that the top EPA ethics official had approved Pruitt's rental arrangement and that it therefore did not constitute a gift.

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14. Hugh Hewitt said, "I don't think children should be separated from biological parents at any age, but especially if they're infants and toddlers.

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15. Hugh Hewitt supported Trump's decision to re-shuffle his foreign policy staff in March–April 2018, and place John Bolton and Mike Pompeo in key national security positions.

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16. Hugh Hewitt denied being pressured to change his position on Trump.

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17. In February 2016, Hugh Hewitt wrote that, despite being repeatedly publicly insulted by Trump, he would support him should he become the Republican nominee for President.

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18. Hugh Hewitt said that Trump did not possess "the temperament to be president".

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19. Hugh Hewitt participated in several of the 2016 Republican primary debates, where he clashed with Donald Trump.

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20. Hugh Hewitt has described George Will and Charles Krauthammer as models for his style of punditry.

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21. On Saturday, June 30, 2018, Hugh Hewitt announced that the show had been cancelled, but that he would continue his commentary on the NBC family of networks.

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22. Hugh Hewitt became a Professor of Law at Chapman University School of Law during that time.

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23. Hugh Hewitt has been criticized by Andrew Sullivan, who calls him a "Christianist.

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24. Hugh Hewitt left the Nixon Library in 1990 to practice law, and began a weekend radio talk show for the Los Angeles radio station KFI, where he broadcast until 1995.

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25. In 1990, Hugh Hewitt sparked controversy by proposing screening of researchers wishing to use the library resources.

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26. Hugh Hewitt is an American radio talk show host with the Salem Radio Network and a lawyer, academic, and author.

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