8 Facts About Ireland Republic

1. Flag of Ireland Republic is a tricolour of green, white and orange.

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2. In 2015 Ireland Republic became the second country in the world to introduce plain cigarette packaging.

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3. On 23 May 2015, Ireland Republic became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote.

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4. In 2011, Ireland Republic was ranked the most charitable country in Europe, and second most charitable in the world.

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5. The Central Bank of Ireland Republic introduced a new statistic, "modified GNI", to remove these distortions.

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6. Northern Ireland Republic exercised its right under the treaty to leave the new Dominion and rejoined the United Kingdom on 8 December 1922.

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7. The new Irish Ireland Republic was recognised internationally only by the Russian Soviet Republic.

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8. The Constitution of Ireland Republic, adopted in 1937, provides that "the name of the State is Eire, or, in the English language, Ireland".

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