17 Facts About ITC Entertainment


On 18 August 1986, ITC Entertainment announced that they would relocate its headquarters from London to New York City, in order to follow the company restructuring of the studio.

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In 1990, ITC Entertainment abandoned television production and concentrated on low-budget feature films.

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Carlton chairman Michael Green said: 'The ITC Entertainment library is a jewel in the crown.

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In 2005, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the company, Network released a DVD box set entitled ITC Entertainment 50 featuring episodes from eighteen different ITC Entertainment productions.

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ITC Entertainment got its start as a production company when former American producer Hannah Weinstein approached Lew Grade.

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Grade realised the potential in overseas sales and colour television, and ITC Entertainment combined high production values with exotic locations and uses of variations on the same successful formula for the majority of its television output.

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Possibly the earliest ITC Entertainment series produced in the US was Fury, a Saturday morning live-action series, about a beloved ranch horse, which starred Peter Graves and ran on NBC in the late 1950s and early 1960s.

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ITC Entertainment funded Anderson-created programmes aimed at the adult market, including UFO and Space: 1999.

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ITC Entertainment was behind Franco Zeffirelli's Biblical mini-series Jesus of Nazareth, Moses the Lawgiver, and the Gregory Peck television film The Scarlet and the Black.

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In 1978, ITC Entertainment launched a subsidiary Marble Arch Productions for American-produced programmes, which subsequently in 1982, was renamed to ITC Entertainment Productions.

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On 20 August 1986, ITC Entertainment Productions had branched out into the series arena, and decided to expand to first-run syndication and pay cable markets.

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In 1987, on the heels of the HBO pact, ITC Entertainment Productions decided to expand a trio of feature films and added to its growing larder of network telefilms and miniseries on which ITC Entertainment has traditionally concerned in the past few years.

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In 1990, ITC Entertainment began placing Marble Arch up for sale amid financial losses.

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ITC Entertainment hasn't made productions until 1993 with a deal with producer David Gerber.

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In 1983, ITC Entertainment produced and released the animated series Thunderbirds 2086, which was not an original British series based on the Gerry Anderson Thunderbirds.

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ITC Entertainment licensed the series for an English dub and re-imagined the series as set twenty years after the original, thus being an evolution of that same International Rescue Organization.

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ITC Entertainment produced and distributed a wide range of content across both film and television, over several decades.

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