32 Facts About J Hus

1. J Hus conceded his veneration of Wycliffe, and said that he could only wish his soul might some time attain unto that place where Wycliffe's was.

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2. J Hus wrote his treatises and preached in the neighborhood of Kozi hradek.

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3. J Hus became the first rector of the Czech university, and enjoyed the favor of the court.

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4. J Hus became the first urban UK artist to earn more than 2 million views for a song in under six months.

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5. J Hus has already racked up more than 1 million YouTube views and two million SoundCloud plays for his track "Dem Boy Paigon.

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6. J Hus is one of the most influential English rapper with an estimated net worth of $150,000 dollars.

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7. J Hus was raised a muslim and is of ethnic wolof heritage.

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8. J Hus is of Ghanaian and Gambian ethnicity and was raised by his mom who emigrated to England when she was just 25 years old.

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9. J Hus was a strong partisan on the side of the Czechs, and hence of the Realists, and he was greatly influenced by the writings of Wyclif.

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10. J Hus publicly denounced these indulgences before the university and, by so doing, lost the support of Wenceslas.

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11. J Hus refused to obey the pope's order, whereupon Zbynek excommunicated him.

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12. In the fall of 1409 J Hus was elected rector of the now Czech-dominated university.

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13. J Hus became the adviser to the young nobleman Zbynek Zajic of Hazmburk when Zbynek was named archbishop of Prague in 1403, a move that helped to give the reform movement a firmer foundation.

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14. J Hus was influenced by Wycliffe's underlying principles, though he never accepted their extreme implications, and was particularly impressed by Wycliffe's proposals for reform of the Roman Catholic clergy.

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15. J Hus found himself agreeing with many of the points Wycliffe had raised.

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16. J Hus was voted the greatest hero of Czech nation in a 2015 survey by Czech Radio.

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17. Statue of Jan J Hus was erected at the Union Cemetery in Bohemia, New York by Czech immigrants to the New York area in 1893.

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18. J Hus left only a few reformatory writings in the proper sense of the word, most of his works being polemical treatises against Stanislav ze Znojma and Stepan Palec.

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19. J Hus was led away to the stake under a strong guard of armed men.

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20. J Hus conceded his veneration of Wycliffe, and said that he could only wish his soul might some time attain unto that place where Wycliffe's was.

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21. In the beginning, J Hus was at liberty, under his safe-conduct from Sigismund, and lived at the house of a widow.

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22. J Hus wrote his treatises and preached in the neighborhood of Kozi Hradek.

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23. J Hus was a strong advocate for the Czechs and the Realists, and he was influenced by the writings of John Wycliffe.

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24. In 2017, J Hus released his debut album "Common Sense" and electrified his fans once more.

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25. J Hus was not, strictly speaking, a pre-Lutheran advocate of sola scriptura.

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26. J Hus had what is called an ecumenical view of the church.

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27. In this interpretation, J Hus is seen as essentially orthodox in his scholastic views, unlike his colleagues, some of whom advocated radical Wyclifite heresies.

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28. J Hus arrived in Constance in 1414 with Sigismund's assurance of safe-conduct, but there he was questioned, imprisoned, and tried for heresy.

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29. J Hus gained widespread support throughout Bohemia and the support of the Czech king Wenceslaus.

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30. J Hus was born Momodou Jallow in London and grew up in the city's Stratford district.

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31. On 12 May 2017, J Hus released his debut album, Common Sense, peaking at number 6 on the UK Albums Chart.

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32. J Hus released "Did You See" on March 2, 2017, quickly becoming his biggest song peaking at number 9 on the UK Singles Chart and eventually being certified platinum.

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