71 Facts About Jesse Pinkman


Jesse Bruce Pinkman is a main character in the American television series Breaking Bad, played by Aaron Paul.

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Jesse Pinkman is a crystal meth cook and dealer and works with his former high school chemistry teacher, Walter White.

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Jesse Bruce Pinkman was born into a middle-class family in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Jesse Pinkman was a poor student in high school and preferred hanging out with his friends and smoking marijuana to studying.

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Jesse Pinkman asks if Saul is any good, having visited his office with Emilio Koyama who is facing serious jail time, and decided upon Saul as his lawyer based on a TV advertisement.

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Walt plans to use his knowledge of chemistry to cook potent meth that Jesse Pinkman will distribute, and he gives Jesse Pinkman $7,000 to purchase a recreational vehicle which will be used as a rolling meth lab.

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Jesse Pinkman cannot find a container big enough, so he dissolves the body in the upstairs bathtub of Ginny's house, which burns a hole through the bathroom floor and spills the remains into the downstairs hallway.

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Dissatisfied with the amount of money Jesse Pinkman is making as a low-level dealer, Walt convinces him to find a high-end distributor.

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Skinny Pete, one of Jesse Pinkman's friends, puts him in contact with Tuco Salamanca, a powerful Mexican drug kingpin operating in Albuquerque.

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Second season begins with Walt and Jesse Pinkman delivering a fresh batch to Tuco, who senselessly beats one of his henchmen, "No Doze", to death as the stunned duo watch helplessly.

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However, Walt and Jesse Pinkman escape after a struggle with Tuco; they flee the scene and watch as Hank—who has been guided to the house by the LoJack on Jesse Pinkman's car, while searching for the missing Walt—kills Tuco in a firefight outside the house.

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Jesse Pinkman cannot find a friend to stay with, and his remaining few belongings and his motorcycle are stolen.

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Resolving to get his life back together, Jesse Pinkman buys an inconspicuous Toyota Tercel and finds a new apartment.

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Jesse Pinkman goes to the addicts' house to confront them, but the plan goes awry when one of the addicts kills the other in front of him.

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Jesse Pinkman is instrumental in retaining the services of corrupt lawyer Saul Goodman to help him and Walt launder their money and get out of legal trouble.

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Walt later returns to Jesse Pinkman's apartment hoping to reconcile and finds Jesse Pinkman and Jane asleep after getting high.

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When Jesse Pinkman discovers her dead body the next morning, he blames himself and goes on another drug binge.

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At this point, Jesse Pinkman has learned that Jane's father, an air traffic controller, was so distraught over her death that he inadvertently caused a deadly mid-air collision.

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Jesse Pinkman tells Walt that he has taken the counselor's advice and accepted himself as the "bad guy".

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Hank correctly deduces that Jesse Pinkman's RV is the rolling meth lab he has been looking for and tracks it down to a local junkyard, where Walt has brought it so it can be destroyed before Hank searches it.

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Jesse Pinkman believes that Walt is stealing the RV from him, and goes to the junkyard as Hank follows.

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Jesse Pinkman becomes romantically involved with Andrea Cantillo, a single mother and recovering meth addict from his Narcotics Anonymous meetings.

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Jesse Pinkman eventually discovers that her 11-year-old brother, Tomas, had killed Combo on behalf of two rival dealers.

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Jesse Pinkman begs Walt to go to the police instead, insisting that he does not have it in him to kill someone.

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Jesse Pinkman becomes increasingly indifferent to his own welfare and steals meth from the superlab to fuel his drug-laden parties.

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Walt tasks Jesse Pinkman with killing Gus with a vial of ricin, which Jesse Pinkman hides in a cigarette.

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Later on, when Gus is meeting with members of the cartel, Jesse Pinkman considers spiking Gus' coffee with the ricin but refrains from doing so upon realizing that he could poison the third parties present.

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Walt pushes Jesse Pinkman to try to set up a meeting when Walt learns Hank is investigating Gus, but Walt backs off when he sees a text message implying that Jesse Pinkman has been lying about not meeting Gus.

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Jesse Pinkman saves Mike, who is shot during the chaos, and Gus, who purposely drank the poisoned tequila to get the cartel to do the same.

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Jesse Pinkman accepts on the condition that Gus spares Walt's life.

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Jesse Pinkman eventually tells Saul about Gus' visits to cartel enforcer Hector Salamanca at the latter's nursing home, leading Walt to visit Hector himself and talk him into luring Gus to the location.

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Jesse Pinkman realizes that Gus could not have poisoned Brock, but Walt assures him that killing Gus was the only course of action they could have taken.

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Jesse Pinkman is upset by what happened to Brock and becomes obsessed with finding out what happened to the ricin.

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Jesse Pinkman has Walt help him search Jesse Pinkman's house for the cigarette containing the poison.

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Jesse Pinkman is horrified and decides to quit the meth business.

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Mike and Jesse Pinkman want to get out of the business, and arrange for rival drug lord Declan to purchase the methylamine for $15 million.

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Overwhelmed with guilt for Drew's death, and correctly guessing that Mike is dead, Jesse Pinkman tries to give his money to Saul with instructions to give half to Drew's parents and the other half to Mike's granddaughter.

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Jesse Pinkman is quickly arrested and interrogated by the APD, who then allows Hank – who now knows that Walt is "Heisenberg", the meth kingpin he has been trying to catch – to question him.

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Saul, Walt, and Jesse Pinkman meet in the desert, where Walt suggests that Jesse Pinkman skip town and start over with a new identity.

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Jesse Pinkman agrees, but just as he is about to be picked up by Saul's "disappearer", he realizes that Saul's bodyguard Huell Babineaux took his ricin cigarette, meaning that Walt was the one who orchestrated Brock's poisoning.

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Jesse Pinkman goes back to Saul's office and beats him up until he admits that Walt told him to steal the ricin.

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Jesse Pinkman then goes to Walt's house and douses it in gasoline, intending to burn it down.

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Hank plans to have Jesse Pinkman wear a wire in order to record Walt making incriminating statements.

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Jesse Pinkman goes to the meeting, while Hank and his partner Steve Gomez watch in surveillance trucks.

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Jesse Pinkman then tells Hank he has a better way to get to Walt: through his drug money.

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Jesse Pinkman calls Walt claiming that he has found the money and threatens to burn it if Walt does not show up.

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Walt realizes Jesse Pinkman has tricked him and calls Todd's uncle, Jack Welker, the head of a biker gang with ties to the Aryan Brotherhood, with a request to come to the site and kill Jesse Pinkman.

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Jack has Jesse Pinkman brought in so he can prove Jesse Pinkman is forced to work for him and is not a partner.

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The next morning, Jesse Pinkman calls Old Joe to dispose of the El Camino, but Joe leaves after finding its LoJack.

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Pete stays home and awaits police, intending to cover for Jesse Pinkman by claiming he traded the Thunderbird for the El Camino.

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Jesse Pinkman sneaks into Todd's apartment and searches for the rest of the drug money.

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Jesse Pinkman finds it after several hours, but Brotherhood henchmen Neil Kandy and Casey arrive, disguised as police, and search for the money as well.

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Neil disarms Jesse Pinkman, who reveals he found the cash and offers to split it with him.

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Jesse Pinkman finds Saul's "disappearer", Ed Galbraith, who wants $250,000 to help Jesse Pinkman leave town.

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Jesse Pinkman is $1,800 short and Ed refuses to help until he is paid in full.

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Jesse Pinkman enters unseen and takes two pistols from his father's safe.

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Jesse Pinkman agrees, and in the ensuing gunfight kills both Neil and Casey.

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Jesse Pinkman recovers Neil's cash and departs after setting an explosion to cover his tracks.

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Jesse Pinkman tells her he admires what she said about going wherever the universe takes her, but she dismisses it as "metaphorical" and encourages him to make his own decisions.

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However, she says that Jesse Pinkman's car was found "near the border", implying that Skinny Pete's plan to throw the authorities off Jesse Pinkman's trail worked.

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Gilligan wanted Jesse Pinkman to die in a botched drug deal, as a plot device to plague Walt with guilt.

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Fourth season premiere, "Box Cutter", showed Walt pleading with Gus to save Jesse Pinkman, demonstrating Walt's paternal relationship with and loyalty to Jesse Pinkman.

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The writers discussed how Jesse Pinkman would react to having killed Gale, and they chose the party story arc, in part, because they felt it would be the most unexpected for the audience.

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The idea for Jesse Pinkman to have his head shaved in "Bullet Points" was Paul's, as he felt it was appropriate for Jesse Pinkman's inner struggle.

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Jesse Pinkman knows how to work with his hands, and so he just needs to refresh those skills and become the artist that he was always meant to be.

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Alan Sepinwall noticed a gradual shift of the audience's sympathies from Walt to Jesse Pinkman, who had received mixed reception in the first season.

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Seth Amitin of IGN wrote of the episode: though Jesse Pinkman was close to rock bottom, he still could not admit or accept his problems.

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Jesse Pinkman noted that though Jesse is rebuilding his life, he has not learned from his mistakes.

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Schultz writes that Jesse Pinkman knows he is a bad person who can never properly repent for his sins.

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Schultz disagrees, saying that Jesse Pinkman is not simply the "conscience of the show, the moral center, the heart, " but rather a more complex character.

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Club remarked that in freeing his ambitions from Walter White's manipulations during El Camino, Jesse Pinkman found his own redemption and avoided his mentor's fate, finally giving himself a chance for a future.

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