18 Facts About Joachim Low

1. Joachim Low was born on 3 February 1960 and is a German football coach and former player.

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2. Joachim Low was the manager of the Germany national team from 2006 until 2021.

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3. In March 2021, Joachim Low announced that he would resign from his position after Euro 2020.

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4. In 1980, Joachim Low joined VfB Stuttgart in the Bundesliga, but he had difficulties establishing himself in the starting lineup and played only four matches.

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5. Joachim Low played four times for the West Germany national under-21 team.

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6. Joachim Low started his coaching career as a youth coach for FC Winterthur while he was still active as a player.

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7. Joachim Low finished with a record of 46 wins, 20 draws and 23 losses.

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8. Joachim Low became manager of Karlsruher SC on 25 October 1999.

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9. Joachim Low was manager until 19 April 2000, finishing with a record of one win, seven draws and ten losses.

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10. Joachim Low was with Austria Wien from 1 July 2003 to 24 March 2004.

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11. Joachim Low obtained a contract for two years and announced that he wanted to continue in the philosophy developed with Klinsmann to play with an offensive style.

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12. Joachim Low was particularly concerned with the amount of time his players hold on to the ball before passing.

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13. Joachim Low declared that his aim was to win Euro 2008.

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14. Joachim Low led Germany to their fourth World Cup title win with a Mario Gotze goal in the 112th minute to get Die Mannschaft the victory in extra time against Argentina in the final.

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15. On 13 March 2015, Joachim Low signed a contract extension until 2018.

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16. Joachim Low decided to stay on as national team coach despite the group stage exit from the World Cup.

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17. Joachim Low was replaced by his former assistant manager, Hansi Flick.

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18. Joachim Low is Roman Catholic and was an altar boy in his early life.

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