26 Facts About Joe Blanton


Joe Blanton continued to pitch in MLB through 2013, when he retired in 2014.

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Joe Blanton returned from retirement to pitch in MLB from 2015 through 2017.

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Joe Blanton was born in Nashville, Tennessee, but grew up in Chalybeate, Kentucky.

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In 2003, while pitching for the Kane County Cougars and the Midland RockHounds, Joe Blanton ranked second in all of Minor League Baseball with a combined 174 strikeouts.

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Joe Blanton struck out 143 batters in 176 innings, tossing one complete game in 26 starts.

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Joe Blanton made his major league debut on September 21,2004, against the Texas Rangers.

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In 2005, Joe Blanton joined the starting rotation that had lost pitchers Mark Mulder and Tim Hudson to trades.

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Joe Blanton was third on the team in innings pitched, but still exceeded 200 innings in his first full season.

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Joe Blanton's ERA was best among all rookies with 100 or more innings pitched.

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Joe Blanton tied the Oakland rookie record for most wins in a season with 12.

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Joe Blanton did not pitch in the ALDS for the Athletics, but was named to the roster for the ALCS, where he pitched two innings in one appearance, allowing no hits or runs.

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Joe Blanton struck out 140 batters, walked 40, and gave up 101 earned runs, resulting in a 3.

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Joe Blanton pitched three complete games in 2007, but his first one of the season was his third career complete-game loss, on April 25.

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In Joe Blanton's first start for the Phillies, he pitched six innings and allowed five runs; however, he did not factor in the decision as the Phillies scored six runs off the New York Mets' bullpen in the ninth inning to win.

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In Game 4 of the 2008 World Series, Joe Blanton hit his first major league home run to become the 13th pitcher overall and first since Ken Holtzman in 1974 to hit a home run in a World Series game.

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Joe Blanton was credited with the win in the Phillies' Game 4 victory over the Tampa Bay Rays, pitching six innings and allowing two runs on four hits.

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In December 2012, Joe Blanton signed a two-year contract worth $15 million with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

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On March 26,2014, Joe Blanton was granted his unconditional release from the Angels.

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Joe Blanton made two starts in the minors and then on April 13,2014, Blanton announced his retirement from baseball.

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Joe Blanton pitched in a pro day at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin to demonstrate his pitching for potential major league clubs.

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On February 13,2015, Joe Blanton signed a minor league contract with the Kansas City Royals.

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Joe Blanton would earn $1 million at the major league level with up to $3 million in incentives.

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On July 29,2015, Joe Blanton was traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates for cash considerations.

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On January 19,2016, Joe Blanton signed a one-year, $4 million contract to return to the Dodgers.

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Joe Blanton pitched five scoreless innings in the 2016 National League Division Series against the Washington Nationals but struggled in the 2016 National League Championship Series against the Chicago Cubs, allowing seven earned runs in only three innings of work to be credited with the loss in two games.

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On March 2,2017, Joe Blanton signed a one-year, $4 million contract with the Washington Nationals.

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