12 Facts About Kaka

1. On 3 July 2014, Kaka arrived at Sao Paulo and began training the next day.

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2. On 30 June 2014, Kaka had his Milan contract terminated through mutual consent despite having a year remaining, by activating a release clause as a result of the team not qualifying for European competitions.

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3. In June 2014, it was reported that Kaka had entered into advanced discussions with Orlando City to join the team in January 2015 when they enter Major League Soccer.

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4. In March 2011, Kaka suffered from Iliotibial band syndrome, which kept him sidelined for a few weeks.

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5. On 5 August 2010, Real Madrid announced that Kaka had undergone a successful surgery on a long-standing left knee injury and would face up to four months on the sidelines.

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6. Since 2007, when AC Milan player Kaka won the Ballon d'Or, Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi have literally monopolized the competition, winning the prestigious prize five times apiece.

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7. AC Milan legend Kaka won the award in 2007, which was the last time that neither Ronaldo or Messi lifted the prestigious trophy.

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8. In August 2015, Kaka announced he will attend Full Sail University in Winter Park, Florida, and major in Sports Marketing.

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9. On 1 May 2015, Kaka was selected as one of seven stand-by players in Brazil's preliminary squad for the 2015 Copa America, although he was not called up for the final tournament.

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10. In January 2008, Kaka was named the 2007 Serie A Footballer of the Year, winning the award for the second time in his career.

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11. On 17 December, Kaka was voted the 2007 FIFA World Player of the Year with 1,047 votes, ahead of Lionel Messi with 504 and Cristiano Ronaldo with 426.

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12. On 2 December 2007, Kaka became the eighth Milan player to win the Ballon d'Or, as he finished with a decisive 444 votes, well ahead of runner-up Cristiano Ronaldo.

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