13 Facts About Keith Gordon

1. Keith Gordon passed peacefully into the arms of God after losing his valiant battle with cancer.

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2. Keith Gordon had on a congenial smile until this point in his story.

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3. Keith Gordon is deep into the third wave of his career: television directing.

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4. Keith Gordon Parks: It's a thankless task for any Motherwell boss given the meagre resources he has to work with but he knows a consistent improvement has to be engineered or he'll make way for someone else.

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5. Keith Gordon Parks: Aberdeen have started to look more like themselves and for all that Kilmarnock have been fabulous this season, the Greg Stewart dynamic is going to strengthen the Dons for a run-in which could see them finish best of the rest.

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6. Keith Gordon Parks: The early names in the frame such as Alan Stubbs and Lee Clark have bombed at recent jobs so Hibs should be looking at someone's who's actually excelling in his job.

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7. Keith Gordon is an American actor and film director.

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8. Keith Gordon is one of the sensational artist and director of the American film industry.

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9. Keith Gordon looked forward every year to spending vacation time in Palm Desert and the annual family trip to Black Butte Ranch.

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10. Keith Gordon left acting for directing, making his debut in 1988 with the movie The Chocolate War, about a student who rebels against the rigid hierarchies in his Catholic school.

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11. Keith Gordon was named number 1 in Cinematicals' Top 7 Most Convincing Nerds.

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12. Keith Gordon was inspired to become an actor at the age of twelve, after seeing James Earl Jones in a Broadway production of Of Mice and Men.

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13. Keith Gordon was born on February 3, 1961 and is an American actor and film director.

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