47 Facts About Kellyanne Conway

1. Kellyanne Conway is clearly very, very worried about candidates like Cory Booker, who would, as even Chris Christie acknowledged, have an extremely good chance of beating Trump in 2020.

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2. Kellyanne Conway used exactly the same tactics when Trump was running for president.

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3. Kellyanne Conway said Democratic Senator Cory Booker would be called "sexist" if he was a Republican running against the Democratic women candidates.

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4. Kellyanne Conway spoke badly of Booker despite her boss Trump's numerous attacks on his 2016 presidential opponent Hillary Clinton and women in other contexts.

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5. In 2014, Kellyanne Conway coauthored a memo for the pro-amnesty group FWD.

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6. Kellyanne Conway came under criticism when she was photographed sitting on an Oval Office couch with her legs folded beneath her—shoes pressed against the upholstery—during President Trump's meeting with leaders from historically black colleges and universities.

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7. White House Counselor Kellyanne Conway responded to a report that Hillary Clinton might run again in 2020.

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8. Kellyanne Conway made his remarks in an interview with Yahoo News's Michael Isikoff on the Skullduggery.

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9. Kellyanne Conway sees her husband's anti-Trump statements as a violation of their marriage: interviewer.

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10. Kellyanne Conway changes Twitter bio amid media coverage of her husband's Trump criticism.

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11. Kellyanne Conway has a new and ridiculous defense for the White House sharing a video to make it look like a CNN journalist hit an intern.

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12. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway responded on Sunday to the rumblings that Hillary Clinton is considering another presidential run in 2020, reports Mediaite.

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13. Kellyanne Conway uses 'alternative facts' to explain that doctored Jim Acosta video.

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14. New York Times says that George Kellyanne Conway has formed a group with fellow conservative lawyers in order to challenge the Trump Administration on the legal battlefield.

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15. Kellyanne Conway says Jim Acosta video was 'sped up,' but not 'doctored'.

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16. Kellyanne Conway claims the doctored video of CNN's Jim Acosta is 'not altered,' just 'sped up'.

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17. Kellyanne Conway brushed off questions on her husband's recent New York Times op-ed declaring Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker's appointment unconstitutional, making light of the editorial that underscored the couple's political differences.

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18. Kellyanne Conway admitted that the tape the White House used as the basis for banning CNN's Jim Acosta from the White House was altered.

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19. Kellyanne Conway insisted on Fox News Sunday that the video posted by the White House to justify the revoking of CNN reporter Jim Acosta's press pass was not doctored—just "sped up.

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20. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway was back at it again with her verbal gymnastics Sunday.

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21. Kellyanne Conway says the edited Jim Acosta mic-grab video is 'not altered' but 'sped up', which is fine because 'they do it all the time in sports'.

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22. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Sunday that her husband's views on President Donald Trump's appointment of acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker are "not relevant", just days after he called the move unconstitutional in a New York Times op-ed.

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23. Kellyanne Conway says her husband's criticism of Whitaker appointment 'not relevant'.

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24. Kellyanne Conway appeared on Fox News Sunday this morning with more of her patented alternative facts.

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25. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway said Sunday President Donald Trump does know the man he has appointed as his acting attorney general, after all.

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26. Kellyanne Conway refers to Hillary Clinton as 'queen of abortion'.

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27. Kellyanne Conway says 'red-hot rhetoric' isn't Trump's fault: 'I will not let it be cast as one-sided'.

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28. White House counselor Kellyanne Conway says the exit of Attorney General Jeff Sessions is "not a constitutional crisis.

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29. Kellyanne Conway came under criticism when she was photographed sitting on an Oval Office couch with her legs folded beneath her—shoes pressed against the upholstery—during President Trump's meeting with leaders from historically black colleges and universities.

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30. On February 13, 2017, Kellyanne Conway claimed that former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn had the president's "full confidence".

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31. Kellyanne Conway stated the next day that she meant to say "Bowling Green terrorists", both of whom had pleaded guilty to carrying out and supporting attacks on American soldiers in Iraq.

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32. On February 2, 2017, Kellyanne Conway appeared in a television news show interview on Hardball with Chris Matthews.

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33. Kellyanne Conway gave up her Secret Service protection in September 2017 due to "reduction in threats.

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34. On December 1, Kellyanne Conway appeared with senior aides of the Trump campaign, at Harvard's Kennedy School of Government, for a forum on the 2016 presidential race; the quadrennial post-presidential election forum has been held at the School of Government since 1972.

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35. Kellyanne Conway told CNN she was only tweeting what she has shared with President-elect Donald Trump and Vice President-elect Mike Pence in private.

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36. On November 10, 2016, Kellyanne Conway tweeted publicly that Trump had offered her a White House job.

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37. Kellyanne Conway was expected to advise Trump on how to better appeal to female voters.

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38. On January 25, 2016, Kellyanne Conway criticized Trump as "a man who seems to be offending his way to the nomination.

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39. Kellyanne Conway has been both criticized as a spin doctor of high prominence, particularly in her role as cable TV spokesperson for the Trump Administration, and lauded as "Trump whisperer.

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40. Kellyanne Conway credits her experience working for eight summers on a blueberry farm in Hammonton, New Jersey, for teaching her a strong work ethic.

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41. On December 22, 2016, Trump announced that Kellyanne Conway would join his administration as Counselor to the President.

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42. Kellyanne Conway is the first woman to have run a successful US presidential campaign.

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43. Kellyanne Conway will headline a rally in Sterling Heights, which starts at 7 pm Thursday.

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44. Kellyanne Conway has removed her title, 'counselor to the President' from her Twitter feed without explanation.

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45. Kellyanne Conway has regularly spouted off alternative facts with her platform, but today on Fox News she hit a new low.

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46. Kellyanne Conway was supposed to be the keynote speaker at a GOP gathering at Villa Penna.

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47. President Donald Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway was unable to attend a Republican rally Thursday night in Sterling Heights due to an aircraft malfunction.

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