16 Facts About Key Biscayne


Key Biscayne is an island located in Miami-Dade County, Florida, located between the Atlantic Ocean and Biscayne Bay.

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Key Biscayne, although named a "key", is not geologically part of the Florida Keys, but is a barrier island composed of sand eroded from the Appalachian Mountains, carried to the coast by rivers and then moved along the coast from the north by coastal currents.

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Key Biscayne is elongated in the north-south direction, tapering to a point at each end.

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Key Biscayne christened the island Santa Marta and claimed it for the Spanish Crown.

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Key Biscayne reported that he found a fresh water spring on the island.

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Key Biscayne's punishment included having his hand branded with the initials "SS" .

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Key Biscayne was killed when the Seminoles ambushed two boats on the Miami River in February 1839.

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Key Biscayne wrote a detailed report for Bache on the reefs stretching from Key Biscayne to the Marquesas Keys.

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North base marker for Key Biscayne was discovered in 1970 as workers were clearing land.

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Key Biscayne finally received a patent from the United States government for his land in 1898.

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Key Biscayne soon built a home, the Barnacle, on land on the mainland in Coconut Grove that he bought from John Frow, keeper of the Cape Florida Light and Fowey Rocks Light.

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Munroe engaged in wrecking in the waters around Key Biscayne, built sailboats, worked as a pilot for the Cape Florida Channel and opened a pineapple cannery, to which Davis sent his pineapples.

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Key Biscayne soon built a winter home in Coconut Grove overlooking the bay.

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Davis to develop and re-sell the northern half of Key Biscayne, including all of what is Crandon Park and about half the present Village of Key Biscayne.

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In March 1926, the U S government auctioned off some lots on Key Biscayne that had been retained when the rest of the island was transferred to the State of Florida.

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Key Biscayne's offer to donate the lighthouse and ten acres of land around it to the National Park Service was not accepted.

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