21 Facts About King Salman

1. King Salman was appointed deputy governor of Riyadh Province on 17 March 1954, aged 19, and held the post until 19 April 1955.

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2. King Salman served as an important liaison to attract tourism, capital projects, and foreign investment to his country.

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3. King Salman favored political and economic relationships with the West.

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4. King Salman was the chairman of the King Abdulaziz Foundation for Research and Archives, King Abdulaziz Museum, the Prince Salman Center for Disability Research and the Prince Fahd bin Salman Charitable Society for the Care of Kidney Patients.

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5. King Salman undertook several foreign tours while he was governor.

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6. On 5 November 2011, King Salman was appointed Second Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, replacing his full brother, the Crown Prince Sultan.

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7. King Salman headed the family council, called The Descendants' Council, that was established by King Fahd in 2000 to solve family matters, reach consensus and try to avoid any publicly embarrassing behaviour by some family members.

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8. Second, King Salman belongs to the "middle generation" in the royal family; therefore, he could develop close ties with both generations socially and culturally.

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9. Prince King Salman launched a Twitter account on 23 February 2013.

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10. In September 2012, King Salman was named as the deputy chairman of the military service council.

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11. King Salman is a strong advocate for philanthropy in poor Muslim nations such as Somalia, Sudan, and Afghanistan.

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12. King Salman said "what the Iranian regime is doing, from intervening in regional countries' affairs and developing its nuclear program, threatening global maritime traffic and global oil supplies, is a blatant violation of the treaties and principles of the United Nations.

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13. King Salman was a prominent figure of the royal council, which allowed him to select which princes would be delegated which responsibilities of the Kingdom.

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14. King Salman is said to be close to Al Arabiya TV director and Asharq Al-Awsat journalist Abdelrahman Al Rashid and to Othman Al Omeir, who launched and is the owner of the liberal e-newspaper Elaph.

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15. King Salman is thought to have connections with the Elaph website.

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16. King Salman holds traditional views with regard to political reforms and social change.

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17. King Salman was nineteen years old when his first child, Fahd, was born.

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18. Sultan bin King Salman became the first person of royal blood, the first-ever Arab, and the first Muslim to fly in outer space when he flew aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in June 1985.

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19. Turki bin King Salman became the chairman of the Saudi Research and Marketing Group in February 2013, replacing his elder half-brother Faisal.

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20. King Salman received the Lifetime Achievement Award of the Al-Turath Charity Foundation in the field of urban heritage in 2013.

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21. In 2017, King Salman pledged US$15,000,000 for Rohingya Muslim refugees in Bangladesh.

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