65 Facts About LaMelo Ball

1. LaMelo Ball is a social media star having more than 2 million subscribers on his Instagram account.

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2. LaMelo Ball dribbled to half court, pointed at the line and launched the shot.

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3. LaMelo Ball will certainly establish himself as one of the most popular athletes no matter where the next step in his career is.

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4. LaMelo Ball was sidelined with a broken finger and watched teammate Rocket Watts put up a game-high 32 points in the victory.

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5. LaMelo Ball made his name after he made a half-court shot in December 2016 against Los Osos High School.

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6. LaMelo Ball has the audacity to play well at the big games.

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7. LaMelo Ball was born on August 22, 2001 in Chino Hills, California to LaVar and Tina Ball who were both basketball players.

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8. LaMelo Ball has relied on the training regime created by his father to advance his young career.

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9. In 2017, LaMelo Ball made his first web show appearance in The Ball Family episode of the talk show, Sneaker Shopping.

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10. LaMelo Ball explained to CBS Sports that he did not think about it as a disadvantage when he is on the court.

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11. LaMelo Ball dedicated the performance to Lexi Anderson, a young girl in need of a heart transplant.

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12. LaMelo Ball dropped 92 points in a game for Chino Hills, but the performance was not without its critics.

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13. LaMelo Ball will be headed to Westwood like his brothers, but not until 2019.

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14. LaMelo Ball found himself in a bit of controversy after dropping the n-word on a WWE Raw appearance.

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15. LaMelo Ball had enough skills to receive an offer from UCLA when he was 13.

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16. On May 4, 2018, LaMelo Ball signed with the Los Angeles Ballers of the Junior Basketball Association, a new league created by his father as an alternative to college basketball.

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17. LaMelo Ball led the event in scoring, posting over 35 points in back-to-back games.

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18. LaMelo Ball recorded 63 points in the second half alone and made 37 of 61 shots in the entire game.

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19. LaMelo Ball began playing basketball at age four with his brothers Lonzo and LiAngelo.

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20. LaMelo Ball was born to LaVar and Tina LaMelo Ball, who are both former college basketball players.

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21. LaMelo Ball is one of the most publicized high school-aged basketball players, with a signature shoe by his father's company Big Baller Brand and a role on the Facebook Watch reality show Ball in the Family.

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22. LaMelo Ball wants to play basketball for UNC The youngest child wants to play basketball for a top college program, despite having no hopes of eligibility.

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23. LaMelo Ball has too much seasoning for some of his would-be opponents' tastes.

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24. LaMelo Ball gets the LeBron treatment; billboard welcomes him to Ohio.

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25. LaMelo Ball has a few new interesting teammates at Spire Institute but none as physically marvelous as Robert Bobroczky, a 7-foot-7 high school senior.

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26. LaMelo Ball is state-side again and plans to enroll in Ohio's SPIRE Institute to play a senior season of high school hoops, Slam reports.

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27. LaMelo Ball is back playing high school basketball, as the former top recruit has left the Junior Basketball Association to play for a school in Ohio.

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28. LaMelo Ball is back playing high school basketball, enrolling at a prestigious private school in Ohio.

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29. LaMelo Ball is back in the United States, and in a bit of a twist, he's playing high school basketball again.

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30. LaMelo Ball opened his return to American and prep school with a road game against The Hill School in Philadelphia, PA on Saturday.

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31. LaMelo Ball hoping to play college basketball for 'top school'.

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32. LaMelo Ball gets a billboard welcome fit for a king—oh, wait, LeBron got one first.

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33. LaMelo Ball aiming to play college basketball for 'top school'.

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34. LaMelo Ball says he wants to play at Kentucky and please no.

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35. LaMelo Ball made his grand appearance in Cleveland today and LaVar was ready with the hyperbole as you can see from the quote from above.

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36. LaMelo Ball wants to play college basketball at a 'top school' like Duke, Kentucky.

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37. LaMelo Ball is already getting the billboard treatment in Ohio.

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38. On Friday, LaMelo Ball was officially reintroduced to the United States high school basketball scene.

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39. LaMelo Ball announced Tuesday that he is enrolling as a senior at Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio, to play.

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40. LaMelo Ball held a press conference at his new high school, SPIRE Academy in Ohio, during which he revealed that he'd like to play college basketball next season.

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41. LaMelo Ball wants to play college hoops and Michigan State is among his choice schools.

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42. LaMelo Ball said he hopes to play college basketball at a top school.

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43. LaMelo Ball is thinking big when it comes to where he will play college basketball next year after leaving the JBA USA team this week.

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44. LaMelo Ball left high school basketball a year ago to pursue a professional career in Lithuania, but he's not giving up on his dream to play at the collegiate level.

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45. LaMelo Ball wants to play for a top college program, names Duke, UNC and Kentucky.

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46. LaMelo Ball is back in the prep circuit, playing at the Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio.

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47. LaMelo Ball wants to play for a 'top college program,' mentions Duke, North Carolina, Kentucky, Michigan State.

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48. LaMelo Ball made the news this week as well, as it was announced that he will be going back to high school for his senior year and will be playing at Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio.

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49. LaMelo Ball reacts to the return of vintage Derrick Rose.

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50. LaMelo Ball returning to high school, brother reportedly aiming for G League.

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51. LaMelo Ball revealed Tuesday via Twitter he's returning to high school and plans to enroll at.

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52. LaMelo Ball is going back to high school, and his brother LiAngelo Ball will try to play for the NBA G League.

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53. LaMelo Ball is returning to play basketball in the high school ranks, his boisterous father LaVar Ball announced on Tuesday.

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54. LaMelo Ball is making his return to the prep high school circuit.

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55. LaMelo Ball will return to high school and enroll at Spire Institute in Geneva, Ohio, for his senior year, the Ball family told SLAM Magazine.

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56. LaMelo Ball announced Tuesday that he would be returning to high school, and enroll at the SPIRE Institute in Ohio.

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57. LaMelo Ball is high school-bound, plans to play in Ohio.

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58. LaMelo Ball will return to the United States to play high school basketball at Spire.

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59. LaMelo Ball is returning to high school basketball, and it's already absurd.

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60. In his high school basketball career, LaMelo Ball has been regularly featured by national sports media and has gained significant popularity on social media.

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61. LaMelo Ball frequently attempts long three-pointers, which has drawn comparisons to Stephen Curry.

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62. For the eight regular season games played, LaMelo Ball averaged a triple-double with 39.6 points, 14.6 rebounds, and a league-high 11.5 assists per game, as well as 3.8 steals per game.

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63. On December 7, 2017, LaMelo Ball signed with agent Harrison Gaines to play professionally overseas alongside his brother LiAngelo.

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64. LaMelo Ball verbally committed to play college basketball for UCLA at the age of 13, before starting high school, becoming the third of his brothers to do so.

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65. In 2017, LaMelo Ball left Chino Hills after his junior year to sign with Lithuanian team Prienai.

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