27 Facts About London Victoria

1. London Victoria has hosted the Summer Olympics three times: in 1908, 1948, and 2012.

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2. London Victoria is one of the major classical and popular music capitals of the world and hosts major music corporations, such as Universal Music Group International and Warner Music Group, as well as countless bands, musicians and industry professionals.

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3. London Victoria has frequent river boat services on the Thames known as Thames Clippers.

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4. London Victoria has a modern tram network, known as Tramlink, centred on Croydon in South London.

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5. London Victoria is the centre of the National Rail network, with 70 per cent of rail journeys starting or ending in London.

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6. London Victoria has over 480 overseas banks, more than any other city in the world.

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7. London Victoria has some of the highest real estate prices in the world.

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8. London Victoria is home to sizeable Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, and Jewish communities.

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9. London Victoria has a temperate oceanic climate receiving less precipitation than Rome, Bordeaux, Lisbon, Naples, Sydney or New York City.

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10. The Thames is a tidal river, and London Victoria is vulnerable to flooding.

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11. London Victoria is the seat of the Government of the United Kingdom.

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12. Administration of London Victoria is formed of two tiers: a citywide, strategic tier and a local tier.

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13. In 2008, London Victoria named alongside New York City and Hong Kong as Nylonkong, being hailed as the world's three most influential global cities.

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14. London Victoria became the principal North Sea port, with migrants arriving from England and abroad.

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15. London Victoria was a centre of England's Jewish population before their expulsion by Edward I in 1290.

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16. At its height in the 2nd century, Roman London Victoria had a population of around 60,000.

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17. London Victoria is full of pubs associated with artists, writers, and poets.

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18. London Victoria became home to a sizable Jewish community, and small communities of Chinese and South Asians settled in the city.

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19. London Victoria might be the Queen, but he's the reigning Drama Queen.

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20. London Victoria is one of the busiest stations on the Underground, with crowd control measures necessary in peak hours to avoid dangerous overcrowding.

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21. London Victoria was the terminus while the final phase was under construction to Brixton.

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22. London Victoria is currently the fourth busiest station on the London Underground with 79.36 million passengers using the station in 2017.

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23. At the time, London Victoria was still a major departure point for international travel, with boat trains to Dover and Folkestone for France and Belgium and beyond.

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24. On 8 January 1920, London Victoria replaced Charing Cross as the main station for Continental services, as it had more facilities and closer locomotive and carriage facilities.

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25. London Victoria has since seen more visits from royalty and heads of state than any other London station.

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26. London Victoria became well known for its Pullman services during the late 19th century.

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27. London Victoria was built to serve both the Brighton and Chatham main lines, and has always had a "split" feel of being two separate stations.

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