21 Facts About Maribor


Maribor is the second-largest city in Slovenia and the largest city of the traditional region of Lower Styria.

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Maribor is the economic, administrative, educational, and cultural centre of eastern Slovenia.

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Maribor was first mentioned as a castle in 1164, as a settlement in 1209, and as a city in 1254.

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Slovene name Maribor is an artificial Slovenized creation, coined by Stanko Vraz in 1836.

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The area of what later became Maribor was first part of Samo's Empire and later the area stood on the border between Carantania and Lower Pannonia.

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Maribor was first mentioned as a market near the castle in 1204, and it received town privileges in 1254.

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Four years later, Maribor was connected with Carinthia with the construction of the railway from Maribor to Prevalje.

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From 1922 to 1929, Maribor was the seat of the Maribor Oblast, a subdivision within Yugoslavia and was later part of the Drava Banovina.

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Up until World War II, Maribor was considered the fastest-developing city in the country.

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The first act of resistance in Maribor and occupied Slovenia occurred only three days after Hitler's visit, when Slovene communists and SKOJ members burned two German cars.

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Maribor was the site of a German prisoner-of-war camp from 1941 to 1945 for many British, Australian, and New Zealand troops who had been captured in Crete in 1941.

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City of Maribor is divided into 11 districts of the City Municipality of Maribor.

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Maribor has a humid continental climate, bordering on oceanic climate .

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Maribor Cathedral was built in the Gothic style in the 13th century.

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Maribor Synagogue was built in the 14th century, and is the second oldest synagogue of Europe.

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In 2010, Maribor organised an international architectural competition ECC Maribor 2012 – Drava 2012 to gather proposals for the design and reconstruction of the Drava banks, the construction of a new art gallery, and for a new footbridge.

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City is the location of the University of Maribor, established in 1975, Alma Mater Europaea, and several other higher education institutions.

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Maribor is known for wine and culinary specialities of international and Slovene cuisine .

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Alternative scene of Maribor is situated in the Pekarna Cultural Centre, located in a former military bakery area in the Magdalena District.

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Maribor is the hometown of the association football club NK Maribor, playing in the Slovenian top division.

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In November 2012, Maribor hosted the World Youth Chess Championship with Garry Kasparov as the guest of honour.

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