44 Facts About Matt Kemp

1. Matt Kemp was drafted by the Dodgers in the sixth round of the 2003 MLB Draft.

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2. Matt Kemp is a good-looking man with a lot of class and style.

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3. Matt Kemp began his career playing in the Minor league for the Gulf Coast Dodgers.

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4. Matt Kemp signed with the San Diego Padres after the conclusion of the 2014 season, and played for them through 100 games of the 2016 season, at which point he was traded to the Atlanta Braves.

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5. Matt Kemp had a pretty serious relationship with Felisha Terrell back in 2007.

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6. Matt Kemp is headed to the 2018 World Series with the Los Angeles Dodgers.

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7. Matt Kemp is due $21.5 million in the final season of his contract, and Puig and Wood are eligible for salary arbitration.

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8. Matt Kemp is due $21.5 million in the final season of his contract, and he, Puig and Wood will eligible for free agency after the 2019 season.

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9. Matt Kemp went from being a guy the Dodgers expected to release before last season to making his first All-Star team since 2012.

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10. Matt Kemp is involved in charities for children, even creating a community initiative called Kemp's Kids hosted children from the Los Angeles area during several games at Dodger Stadium.

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11. Matt Kemp homered in his first career World Series at-bat in Game 1 of the 2018 World Series.

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12. Matt Kemp finished with a triple to center field in the top of the 9th inning, scoring Yangervis Solarte from first.

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13. Matt Kemp played his first game with the Padres during opening day on April 6, 2015, against his old team, the Dodgers.

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14. Matt Kemp was more comfortable in right which led to the Dodgers moving Yasiel Puig to center field.

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15. Matt Kemp appeared in only 73 games in 2013, due to his various injuries.

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16. In that game, Matt Kemp made a game-ending catch while reaching over his shoulder, robbing the Giants' Marco Scutaro of a hit.

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17. Matt Kemp left during the seventh inning, and did not return to the game.

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18. Matt Kemp recorded his 1,000th career hit on May 12, 2013, against the Miami Marlins.

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19. Matt Kemp hit his 10th home run of the season on April 25, tying Gary Sheffield's club record for homers in April set in the 2000 season.

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20. Matt Kemp was only the second player to win the award twice to begin the season, the other being Tony Armas for the 1981 Athletics.

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21. Matt Kemp was the first Dodger to record three consecutive multi-hit games to start the season since Adrian Beltre did it in the 2000 season.

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22. Matt Kemp started the 2012 season by winning the National League Player of the Week award for the opening weekend.

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23. Matt Kemp was selected for a number of post-season awards, including the Baseball America Major League Player of the Year, the Hank Aaron Award for the top hitter in the National League the Gold Glove Award and the Silver Slugger Award.

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24. On September 20, the Dodgers announced Matt Kemp was selected by his teammates as the recipient of the 2011 Roy Campanella Award, which is given annually to the Dodger player who best exemplifies the spirit and leadership of the late Roy Campanella.

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25. Matt Kemp accepted an invitation to participate in the Home Run Derby at the All-Star Game.

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26. Matt Kemp announced his intention to steal 40 bases this season and Lopes hoped they would be high percentage steals.

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27. Matt Kemp was the subject of some criticism in 2010 from General Manager Ned Colletti, who called him out publicly early in the season for poor baserunning.

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28. Matt Kemp broke his own single-season Dodger record for strikeouts, with 170.

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29. Matt Kemp described his first career walk-off home run as "a great feeling".

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30. Matt Kemp tied a Dodger record with three grand slams in one season.

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31. Matt Kemp hit his first career post-season home run on October 7 in his first at-bat of the 2009 NLDS against the St Louis Cardinals.

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32. Matt Kemp was second on the team in stolen bases with 35.

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33. Matt Kemp enjoyed an outstanding sophomore campaign with the bat batting.

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34. Matt Kemp started the 2007 season on the major league roster but lost his place after suffering a shoulder injury while running into the outfield fence at Dodger Stadium.

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35. Matt Kemp became the first Dodger and fifth major league player to hit four homers in his first 10 days with the team.

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36. Matt Kemp made his major league debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers on May 28, 2006, against the Washington Nationals.

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37. Matt Kemp began 2006 with the AA Jacksonville Suns, where he hit.

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38. Matt Kemp was drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers in the 6th round of the 2003 MLB draft, and signed with the team on June 5, 2003, for a $130,000 signing bonus.

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39. Matt Kemp was raised in Oklahoma by his mother, a registered nurse, and grandmother.

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40. Matt Kemp was born in Midwest City, Oklahoma, the son of Carl Kemp and Judy Henderson, who never married.

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41. Matt Kemp began his professional career in the Los Angeles Dodgers organization in 2003, and played with the Dodgers from 2006 until 2014.

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42. Matt Kemp managed to find the fountain of youth this year and really carried the Dodger offense.

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43. Matt Kemp is a bench player for LA, but makes the key player list after Roberts announced.

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44. Matt Kemp takes time to appreciate his season in Dodger blue.

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