9 Facts About Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar

1. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar died of a stroke in London on 4 January 1931 and was buried in Jerusalem by the choice of his relatives, friends and admirers.

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2. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar became a critic of Gandhi, breaking with fellow Muslim leaders like Maulana Azad, Hakim Ajmal Khan and Mukhtar Ahmed Ansari, who continued to support Gandhi and the Indian National Congress.

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3. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar opposed the Nehru Report, which was a document proposing constitutional reforms and a dominion status of an independent nation within the British Empire, written by a committee of Hindu and Muslim members of the Congress Party headed by President Motilal Nehru.

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4. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar restarted his daily Hamdard, and left the Congress Party.

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5. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar was arrested by British authorities and imprisoned for two years for what was termed as a seditious speech at the meeting of the Khilafat Conference.

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6. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar moved to Delhi in 1912 and there he launched an Urdu-language daily newspaper Hamdard in 1913.

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7. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar became a writer and an orator of the first magnitude and a farsighted political leader, writing articles in major British and Indian newspapers like The Times, London, The Manchester Guardian and The Observer.

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8. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar was one of the founders and presidents of the All-India Muslim League.

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9. Maulana Muhammad Ali Jauhar was elected to become the President of Indian National Congress party in 1923 and it lasted only for a few months.

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