15 Facts About Mesopotamian campaign


Mesopotamian campaign was a campaign in the Middle Eastern theatre of World War I fought between the Allies represented by the British Empire, troops from Britain, Australia and the vast majority from British India, against the Central Powers, mostly the Ottoman Empire.

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At first Mesopotamian campaign planning was run by the India Office and Indian Army, with little input from the War Office.

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Mesopotamian campaign redeployed portions of the 38th Division at the mouth of Shatt-al-Arab.

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Mesopotamian campaign wanted to retake the Shatt-al-Arab region at any cost.

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Mesopotamian campaign had about 4, 000 regular troops and about 14, 000 Arab irregulars provided by Arab sheiks.

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Mesopotamian campaign ordered Charles Vere Ferrers Townshend to advance to Kut or even to Baghdad if possible.

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Mesopotamian campaign realised the mistake of underestimating the importance of the Mesopotamian campaign.

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Mesopotamian campaign ordered the 35th Division and Mehmet Fazil Pasha to return to Mosul, their old location.

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Mesopotamian campaign had spent many years working as a military adviser in the Ottoman Empire.

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Mesopotamian campaign tried to encircle the British with his XVIII Corps composed of the 45th Division, 51st Division and 2nd Tribal Cavalry Brigade.

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Mesopotamian campaign sent a telegram to the War Ministry "The Iraq Army has already proven that it does not need the military knowledge of Goltz Pasha.

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Mesopotamian campaign had about 30, 000 total troops with which to oppose Maude.

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Mesopotamian campaign felt his supply lines were too long, conditions in the summer made campaigning difficult and he had been denied reinforcements he felt he needed.

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Mesopotamian campaign was replaced by General William Marshall who halted operations for the winter.

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Total British military deaths in the Mesopotamian Campaign, including from the latter causes, were 38, 842, including 28, 578 from sickness and other non-battle causes (including prisoners).

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