28 Facts About Mike Pelfrey


Michael Alan Pelfrey was born on January 14,1984 and is an American college baseball coach and former professional baseball pitcher.

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Mike Pelfrey played college baseball at Wichita State University from 2003 to 2005 for head coach Gene Stephenson.

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Mike Pelfrey played in Major League Baseball for the New York Mets, Minnesota Twins, Detroit Tigers, and Chicago White Sox.

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The Mets hit grand slams in Mike Pelfrey's first two major league starts; this was a first in baseball history.

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In 2007, Mike Pelfrey pitched well in spring training and earned a spot in the Mets starting rotation to begin the season.

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Mike Pelfrey then followed up this performance pitching seven shutout innings against the Washington Nationals and earned the win.

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On June 11,2008, Mike Pelfrey pitched 8 innings, and attempted to pitch a complete game, but was replaced by Billy Wagner when he allowed a single to lead off the 9th.

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Later in the year, Mike Pelfrey set a club record for most batters faced without giving up a home run, at 243; the streak was broken by Adam Dunn of the Reds.

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Mike Pelfrey struck out 3 in the 9 innings, throwing 108 pitches.

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Mike Pelfrey allowed only six hits with one earned run while striking out six and walking none.

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Mike Pelfrey earned his first career save in the major leagues before Francisco Rodriguez got a win for the season, and Joe Mather got the loss.

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On June 18,2011, Mike Pelfrey pitched a complete-game gem against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim.

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Mike Pelfrey threw a season high 123 pitches, second highest of his career.

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Mike Pelfrey had exited his previous start with stiffness in the elbow.

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Mike Pelfrey pitched in 29 games following his 2012 Tommy John surgery, his ERA finished at 5.

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On December 14,2013, Mike Pelfrey signed a deal with the Minnesota Twins for two years and $11 million, with the potential to earn up to $3.

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Mike Pelfrey made five starts in 2014 before being shut down for the season with groin, elbow, and shoulder injuries.

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On December 6,2015, Mike Pelfrey signed a two-year, $16 million contract with the Detroit Tigers.

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Mike Pelfrey spent some of the 2016 season on the Disabled List due to a lower back ailment, limiting him to 24 games.

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Mike Pelfrey made his White Sox debut on the same day against the Cleveland Indians.

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Mike Pelfrey's sinker is his primary pitch, although he likes to use his four-seamer early in the count against right-handed hitters.

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Mike Pelfrey tends to use his splitter more against left-handed hitters and his slider more against righties.

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Mike Pelfrey has among the lowest strikeout-to-walk ratios in the major leagues since 2000, at 1.

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On March 6,2018, Mike Pelfrey retired from professional baseball and accepted a coaching position at Newman University.

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In 2019, Mike Pelfrey became the pitching coach at Wichita State University.

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Mike Pelfrey was one of the victims of the $8 billion fraud perpetrated by wealth manager Allen Stanford.

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Mike Pelfrey is known for his peculiar habit of licking his hands over the course of the game, Mike Pelfrey has said there is a purpose behind the habit and he generally uses it to get a better grip on the ball.

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The Wall Street Journal counted one start of Mike Pelfrey's and found he did this action 89 times over the course of a game.

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