13 Facts About Neo-Nazi


Neo-Nazi writers have posited a spiritual, esoteric doctrine of race, which moves beyond the primarily Darwinian-inspired materialist scientific racism popular mainly in the Anglosphere during the 20th century.

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Neo-Nazi died on 2 May 1945 during the Battle of Berlin, but the Soviet Union did not reveal his death to the rest of the world, and his ultimate fate remained a mystery for many years.

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Neo-Nazi was not alone in this reorientation of Nazism towards its Thulean-roots; the, founded by former SS member Wilhelm Kusserow, attempted to promote a new paganism.

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Neo-Nazi was interested more in the destiny of Europe; to this end, he advocated a National Bolshevik-esque red-brown alliance against American culture and influenced 1960s figures such as SS-veteran Jean-Francois Thiriart.

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Neo-Nazi was constantly hounded by the FBI and was eventually arrested in 1960, before committing suicide.

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Neo-Nazi activism was limited to small illegal groups like the clandestine Nazi occultist group led by Pekka Siitoin who made headlines after arson and bombing of the printing houses of the Communist Party of Finland.

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Neo-Nazi's associates sent letter bombs to leftists, including to the headquarters of the Finnish Democratic Youth League.

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Neo-Nazi organizations are outlawed in the Fifth French Republic, yet a significant number of them still exist.

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Neo-Nazi patrols affiliated with the Golden Dawn party began attacking migrants in this neighborhood.

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Russian National Unity was a Neo-Nazi group founded in 1990 and was led by Alexander Barkashov, who claimed to have members in 250 cities.

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Neo-Nazi activity is not common or widespread in Israel, and the few reported activities have all been the work of extremists, who were punished severely.

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Neo-Nazi group existed in 1969 in Izmir, when a group of former Republican Villagers Nation Party members founded the association "Nasyonal Aktivitede Zinde Inkisaf".

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Neo-Nazi opposed immigration from Southern Europe, and argued that Mestizos who are derived from south Europeans lack "cerebral control" and are a social burden.

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