30 Facts About New Brunswick


New Brunswick is one of the thirteen provinces and territories of Canada.

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New Brunswick is bordered by Quebec to the north, Nova Scotia to the east, the Gulf of Saint Lawrence to the northeast, the Bay of Fundy to the southeast, and the U S state of Maine to the west.

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In 1969, New Brunswick passed the Official Languages Act which began recognizing French as an official language, along with English.

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New Brunswick is home to most of the cultural region of Acadia and most Acadians.

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New Brunswick was first inhabited by First Nations like the Mi?kmaq and Maliseet.

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In 1784, following the arrival of many loyalists fleeing the American Revolution, the colony of New Brunswick was officially created, separating it from what is Nova Scotia.

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In 1867, New Brunswick decided to confederate with Nova Scotia and the Province of Canada to form Canada.

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Continental Acadia was eventually incorporated into the British colony of Nova Scotia, with nearly all of New Brunswick France being surrendered to the British with the Treaty of Paris in 1763.

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New Brunswick was founded in 1784 upon the partition of Nova Scotia into two areas which became the Provinces of Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

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On 1 July 1867, New Brunswick entered the Canadian Confederation along with Nova Scotia and the Province of Canada.

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In 1937 New Brunswick had the highest infant mortality and illiteracy rates in Canada.

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Acadians in northern New Brunswick had long been geographically and linguistically isolated from the more numerous English speakers to the south.

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Roughly square, New Brunswick is bordered on the north by Quebec, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean, on the south by the Bay of Fundy, and on the west by the US state of Maine.

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New Brunswick's climate is more severe than that of the other Maritime provinces, which are lower and have more shoreline along the moderating sea.

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New Brunswick has a humid continental climate, with slightly milder winters on the Gulf of St Lawrence coastline.

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Evidence of climate change in New Brunswick can be seen in its more intense precipitation events, more frequent winter thaws, and one quarter to half the amount of snowpack.

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Since 2014, the New Brunswick government has allowed forestry companies to harvest 20 percent more wood there than before.

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New Brunswick was largely rural until 1951; since then, the rural-urban split has been roughly even.

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Influence of the Irving family on New Brunswick is such that the province is sometimes described as being subject to a form of economic feudalism.

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New Brunswick was in 2015 the biggest producer of wild blueberries in Canada.

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New Brunswick has a parallel system of Anglophone and Francophone public schools.

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Four public universities operate campuses in New Brunswick, including the oldest English-language university in the country, the University of New Brunswick.

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Ceremonial duties of the Monarchy in New Brunswick are mostly carried out by the Lieutenant Governor of New Brunswick.

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Publicly owned NB Power operates 13 of New Brunswick's generating stations, deriving power from fuel oil and diesel, hydro, nuclear, and coal .

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Music of New Brunswick includes artists such as Henry Burr, Roch Voisine, Lenny Breau, and Edith Butler.

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Symphony New Brunswick, based in Saint John, tours extensively in the province.

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Symphony New Brunswick based in Saint John and the Atlantic Ballet Theatre of Canada, tours nationally and internationally.

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New Brunswick is home to many galleries across the province, including the Beaverbrook Art Gallery, which was designated as the provincial art gallery in 1994.

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New Brunswick has four artist-run-centres; Connexion ARC located in Fredericton, Galerie Sans Nom Moncton, Struts Gallery in Sackville and Third Space Gallery in Saint John, and one artist-run printshop, Atelier d'estampe Imago Inc located in Moncton.

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CTV and Global operate stations in New Brunswick, which operate largely as sub-feeds of their stations in Halifax as part of regional networks.

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