10 Facts About New York Fashion Week

1. New York Fashion Week shows became so commonplace that Vogue's longtime editor Edna Woolman Chase complained in her 1953 memoir that a lady couldn't "lunch or sip a cocktail.

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2. New York Fashion Week is not just what people buy from the shelves, it's about the people who market the clothes, those who sell them and those who reuse them.

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3. New York Fashion Week causes an international frenzy and, regardless of your interest level, cannot be ignored.

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4. New York Fashion Week is an event that takes place twice a year, including one week at Bryant Park in Manhattan.

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5. New York Fashion Week was last on the schedule of fashion weeks till 1999, when it became first on a schedule with the intervention of prominent American designers such as Helmut Lang and Calvin Klein.

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6. New York Fashion Week has arrived, and with the Spring 2014 collections set to hit the runways on Thursday, we're kicking off our celebrations by getting our hands on any insider industry information we can find.

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7. New York Fashion Week is the oldest, having been inaugurated in 1943 by fashion publicist Elenor Lamber who wanted to give American designers a chance to showcase their works and to draw attention away from fashion-stalwart Paris.

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8. New York Fashion Week was a time of incredible diversity, as every show demonstrates personal style, decor and flare.

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9. New York Fashion Week is represented by New York Model Management as well as several other agencies.

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10. New York Fashion Week made her Paris Fashion Week debut last year when she walked in Loewe and.

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