18 Facts About NFC Championship Game

1. NFC Championship Game makes plays when you need him most.

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2. NFC Championship Game surprises you every day with his abilities and the way he makes plays.

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3. NFC Championship Game has more than three against just one other team in the league.

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4. NFC Championship Game had never called plays in a football game, and had moved down from the booth, where he watched games as quarterbacks coach, to the field.

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5. NFC Championship Game said Stefanski wasn't at all in awe working with the legendary Favre.

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6. NFC Championship Game was 27, and a primary pupil was Brett Favre, the eventual hall of famer who turned 40 that season.

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7. NFC Championship Game served as a liaison between Childress and the players.

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8. NFC Championship Game understood what he was supposed to do, so I kind of earmarked him to come join me in Minnesota.

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9. NFC Championship Game moved into the starting lineup as a freshman and was the Quaker's Defensive Rookie of the Year.

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10. NFC Championship Game had more big hits than any other defensive back I ever coached.

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11. NFC Championship Game would rip your heart out as soon as he said hello to you.

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12. NFC Championship Game starred at quarterback and safety in high school at St Joseph's Prep in Philadelphia.

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13. NFC Championship Game turned to football and is making a name for himself in the NFL as interim offensive coordinator for the Vikings.

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14. NFC Championship Game completed 24 of 31 passes against the Los Angeles Rams for 270 yards, one interception and an 89.4 passer rating.

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15. NFC Championship Game jumped up, eluded Vikings safety Robert Griffith and trotted into the end zone.

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16. NFC Championship Game is sixth on the team with three sacks.

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17. NFC Championship Game was established as part of the 1970 merger between the NFL and the American Football League, with the merged league realigning into two conferences.

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18. NFC Championship Game is one of the two semi-final playoff games of the National Football League (NFL), the largest professional American football league in the United States.

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