26 Facts About Nuremberg


Nuremberg Airport is the second-busiest airport in Bavaria after Munich Airport, and the tenth-busiest airport of the country.

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Nuremberg is the birthplace of Albrecht Durer and Johann Pachelbel.

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Nuremberg was one of the host cities of the 2006 FIFA World Cup.

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Nuremberg soon became, with Augsburg, one of the two great trade-centers on the route from Italy to Northern Europe.

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In 1525 Nuremberg accepted the Protestant Reformation, and in 1532 the Nuremberg Religious Peace was signed there, preventing war between Lutherans and Catholics for 15 years.

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At the Imperial diet in 1803, the independence of Nuremberg was affirmed, but on the signing of the Confederation of the Rhine on 12 July 1806, it was agreed to hand the city over to Bavaria from 8 September, with Bavaria guaranteeing the amortisation of the city's 12.

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At the 1935 rally, Hitler specifically ordered the Reichstag to convene at Nuremberg to pass the Nuremberg Laws which revoked German citizenship for all Jews and other non-Aryans.

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In total, about 6, 000 Nuremberg residents are estimated to have been killed in air raids.

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Nuremberg was a heavily fortified city that was captured in a fierce battle lasting from 17 to 21 April 1945 by the U S 3rd Infantry Division, 42nd Infantry Division and 45th Infantry Division, which fought house-to-house and street-by-street against determined German resistance, causing further urban devastation to the already bombed and shelled buildings.

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However, Nuremberg was chosen as the site for the trials for specific reasons:.

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Nuremberg is still an important industrial centre with a strong standing in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

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Nuremberg is Bavaria's second largest city after Munich, and a popular tourist destination for foreigners and Germans alike.

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Nuremberg offers several parks and green areas, as well as indoor activities such as bowling, rock wall climbing, escape rooms, cart racing, and mini golf, theaters and cinemas, pools and thermal spas.

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Nuremberg was an early centre of humanism, science, printing, and mechanical invention.

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In 1515, Albrecht Durer, a native of Nuremberg, created woodcuts of the first maps of the stars of the northern and southern hemispheres, producing the first printed star charts, which had been ordered by Johannes Stabius.

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In 1493, he published the Nuremberg Chronicles, known as the World Chronicles, an illustrated history of the world from the creation to the present day.

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Academy of fine arts situated in Nuremberg is the oldest art academy in central Europe and looks back to a tradition of 350 years of artistic education.

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Nuremberg is famous for its Christkindlesmarkt, which draws well over a million shoppers each year.

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The Bardentreffen, an annual folk festival in Nuremberg, has been deemed the largest world music festival in Germany and takes place since 1976.

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Nuremberg is known for Nurnberger Bratwurst, which is shorter and thinner than other bratwurst sausages.

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Nuremberg offers 51 public and 6 private elementary schools in nearly all of its districts.

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At local level, Nuremberg has historically been left-leaning in the conservative state of Bavaria - since the end of World War II, the city has mainly elected SPD mayors with the exception of Ludwig Scholz and Marcus Konig (elected 2020).

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Current mayor of Nuremberg is Marcus Konig of the Christian Social Union since 2020.

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Since 2008, Nuremberg has had the first U-Bahn in Germany that works without a driver.

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Nuremberg is located at the junction of several important Autobahn routes.

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Nuremberg Airport has flights to major German cities and many European destinations.

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