44 Facts About Oshawa


Oshawa is a city in Ontario, Canada, on the Lake Ontario shoreline.

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Once recognized as the sole "Automotive Capital of Canada", Oshawa today is an education and health sciences hub, although General Motors still plays significant role in city's economy.

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In 2016, Oshawa was the sixth best place in Canada to find full-time employment based on data from StatsCan.

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Downtown Oshawa is identified as an Urban Growth Centre in the Government of Ontario's Places to Grow initiative.

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Oshawa is home to a Regional Innovation Centre and offers start-up facilities for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

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Oshawa'storians believe that the area that would become Oshawa began as a transfer point for the fur trade.

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Oshawa constructed a two-story building on Simcoe Street, just north of the King's Highway.

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The Oshawa Railway was acquired by the Grand Trunk operation around 1910, and streetcar service was replaced by buses in 1940.

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In 1924, Oshawa annexed the area to its south, including the harbour and the community of Cedardale.

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Oshawa was amalgamated with the remaining portions of East Whitby Township and took on its present boundaries, which included the outlying villages of Columbus, Raglan and Kedron.

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Much of Oshawa's industry has closed over the years; however, it is still the headquarters of GM Canada and its major manufacturing site.

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Oshawa is recognized as an official port of entry for immigration and customs services.

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Similar to all of southern Ontario, Oshawa has a humid continental climate with vast, but not extreme, seasonal temperature differences.

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Oshawa receives one of the lowest yearly snowfall totals in all of Ontario.

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Oshawa is headquarters to General Motors Canada, which has large-scale manufacturing and administrative operations in the city and employs many thousands both directly and indirectly.

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Oshawa has become one of the fastest-growing cities in Canada, although statements to this effect are often in reference to the Census Metropolitan Area, which includes neighbouring Whitby and Clarington.

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Oshawa achieved a record-setting year of growth in 2015 with over a half a billion dollars in construction value .

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In spring 2016, Oshawa was ranked No 1 city for jobs in Canada when compared to 33 cities across the country.

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The trend suggests major social and demographic changes for Oshawa, which has long had a vigorous labour union presence, a mostly white demographic, and a largely blue collar identity.

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Dominant presence of General Motors meant that Oshawa was well known as a bastion of unionist, left-wing support during the decades following the Second World War.

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However, Oshawa was part of the Ontario riding when Michael Starr served.

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Starr served the new Oshawa-Whitby riding for one term, before being narrowly defeated by future federal NDP leader Ed Broadbent in 1968.

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In 2006, Whitby-Oshawa became a Conservative seat Jim Flaherty followed Starr into the Cabinet of Canada as Minister of Finance.

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Oshawa has parks, walking trails, conservation areas, indoors and outdoor public swimming pools, community centres, and sports facilities.

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Oshawa has more than 130 parks, more than 110 playgrounds, nine splash pads, eight ice pads and three skateboard parks.

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At the center of Oshawa is the Oshawa Centre shopping mall, the largest mall in the Durham region as well as in Ontario east of Toronto.

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Oshawa is home to the Oshawa Generals of the Ontario Hockey League.

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In 2015, the Oshawa Generals won the Ontario Hockey League Championship, and ended their season winning the 2015 Memorial Cup.

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In 2016 the city of Oshawa partnered with Tribute Communities for naming rights and the General Motors Centre was renamed the Tribute Communities Centre.

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Oshawa was home of the Oshawa Green Gaels, one of the most storied teams in the sport.

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Oshawa was inducted into the Canadian Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 2012.

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Oshawa was home to Windfields Farm, a thoroughbred horse breeding operation and birthplace of one of Canada's most famous racehorses, Northern Dancer.

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Oshawa hosted boxing and weightlifting events for the 2015 Pan American Games which were held in the Greater Toronto Area.

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The Oshawa Station is owned by the national rail carrier Via Rail, which operates a service along the Quebec City-Windsor Corridor.

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Oshawa was the only city that Highway 401 was built directly through, rather than bypassing.

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Port of Oshawa is a major stop for the auto and steel industries as well as winter road salt handling and agricultural fertilizer.

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Oshawa Executive Airport is a municipal airport owned by the city that operates all private general aviation and charter services for eastern Toronto, with customs and immigration officers on-site.

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Lakeridge Health Oshawa is home to Lakeridge Health Education and Research Network that opened in 2013.

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Oshawa is home to the Oshawa Clinic, the largest, multi-specialty medical group practice in Canada.

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Oshawa was the first city in Ontario to provide paramedic services.

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The Durham Catholic District School Board, which has its headquarters in Oshawa, oversees public Catholic education in Durham Region.

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Oshawa is a Community Teaching Site for Queen's University School of Medicine at Lakeridge Health.

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Oshawa has few media outlets of its own due to its proximity to Toronto.

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Oshawa is home to Artsforum Magazine, a not-for-profit magazine of arts and ideas launched in Fall 2000 by John Arkelian, its publisher and editor-in-chief.

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