30 Facts About Percy Jackson


Percy Jackson is played by Logan Lerman in the film adaptations and by Chris McCarrell in the musical.

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Development of the character Percy Jackson began when Rick Riordan started inventing stories for his son Haley Riordan, who was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia in the spring of 2002.

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Haley and Percy Jackson have been cited as the "same age" and share several character traits, though they are by no means the same person.

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Percy Jackson has ADHD and dyslexia, allegedly because he is hardwired to read Ancient Greek and has inborn "battlefield reflexes".

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Percy Jackson's personality is described as "changeable like the sea" and hard to predict — with the important exception that he is dangerously loyal to his friends and family.

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Percy Jackson serves as the first head counselor of the Poseidon cabin at his demigod summer camp – Camp Half-Blood.

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Percy Jackson has amnesia and slowly struggles to regain his memory over the course of the novel.

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Percy Jackson arrives at a Roman establishment called Camp Jupiter, and is elected praetor as a result of the help he offers them on a quest.

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One of the character's darkest moments comes in The House of Hades, when Percy Jackson discovers that he can control the water in a person's body, and uses it to torture the goddess Akhlys.

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Between the time of The Battle of the Labyrinth and The Last Olympian, Sally Percy Jackson marries Paul Blofis, a man she met in a writing seminar.

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Percy Jackson likes and respects his new step-father and eventually reveals to him that he is a demigod.

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Percy Jackson first met Tyson at a school called Meriwether Prep, and did not learn of their relationship until much later.

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Percy Jackson is distantly related to horses, pegasi, some other monsters, and numerous gods and demigods through his father.

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Percy Jackson is close to many other characters in the book series.

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Finally, Percy Jackson has an interesting relationship with Clarisse La Rue, daughter of Ares and Camp Half-Blood's resident bully, whom he allegedly dislikes but often helps.

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However, Percy Jackson's first move towards a serious relationship does not occur until the final pages of The Last Olympian.

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Percy Jackson's is a hellhound whom he receives from Daedalus before the inventor dies.

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Percy Jackson sometimes uses Mrs O'Leary's ability to "shadow travel" to cross large distances almost instantaneously.

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Percy Jackson knows a hippocampus named Rainbow who likes Percy's half-brother Tyson.

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Percy Jackson has traveled with a small calico kitten called Small Bob by Bob the Titan.

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When Percy Jackson is trapped in Tartarus during The House of Hades, Annabeth, Bob, and he find and travel with the kitten.

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Percy Jackson's purr is disproportionately loud for an animal of his size.

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Percy Jackson is described as handsome, with messy jet black hair, a Mediterranean complexion, and sea-green eyes like his father Poseidon.

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Percy Jackson loses this power when it is washed away in the Little Tiber surrounding New Rome, as part of his acceptance there.

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Percy Jackson has a degree of authority over his father's subjects.

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All of Percy Jackson's abilities correspond to the myths about and abilities of his father.

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Percy Jackson has used magic javelins made by his brother Tyson, magically camouflaging armor made by Charles Beckendorf, and the wand of Carter Kane.

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Percy Jackson has several magical items obtained from battles against monsters.

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Percy Jackson gives the head away several times, finally leaving it with his mother, who "disposes of it".

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Percy Jackson obtains a bullet- and sword-proof lion skin coat when he killed the Nemean lion, which he later sacrifices as an offering to Poseidon in order to save Annabeth.

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