17 Facts About Philippine Army


The Philippine Army has engaged in many conflicts including the ongoing Communist rebellion in the Philippines, the Moro conflict and, alongside other national military forces, in conflicts of international scope.

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In 1917 the Philippine Army Assembly created the Philippine Army National Guard with the intent to join the American Expeditionary Force.

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Philippine National Guard unit of the U S Army was deactivated following World War I, then formally disbanded in 1921.

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The Philippine Army was involved in major conflicts worldwide, such as the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the War on terror, the Persian Gulf War and the Iraq War, as well as missions with the United Nations, such as the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force in Golan Heights and the United Nations Mission in East Timor.

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Philippine Army is headed by the Chief of the Army, attaining the rank of Lieutenant General.

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Philippine Army has several regular units and five regular support units dedicated to both counter-insurgency and conventional army operations.

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Philippine Army has 4 support commands, and is responsible for the handling of reserves, creating doctrines and training operations, and overall installation and combat support in the army's operations.

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Philippine Army has one combined arms brigade, and serves as a rapid deployment force, combined in one major unit, and serves as a major maneuver unit, capable of rapid mobilization and conventional warfare.

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Philippine Army has one armor division, comprising two mechanized brigades, six mechanized battalions, seven separate cavalry squadrons, a maintenance unit and an aviation arm.

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Philippine Army has one artillery regiment, comprising nine artillery battalions and six artillery battery units, responsible of overall artillery fire support to the army's maneuver units.

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Philippine Army has 5 engineering brigades, responsible for overall engineering support, construction of army facilities, and counter-mobility operations.

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Philippine Army has one aviation regiment, which is part of the Philippine Army's Armor Division, responsible for reconnaissance and airborne operations such as aerial transport and medical evacuation duties.

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Philippine Army has seven combat support units, responsible for overall combat support operations, ranging from communications, logistics, intelligence, ordinance disposal, enforcement, signalling, and services operations.

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Philippine Army has 14 combat service support units, responsible for overall organizational support; as well as public, information, and military law affairs; security and escort operations; and medical, dental and religious services.

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Philippine Army has three special operations regiments dedicated to special operations.

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Philippine Army has being the dominant branch of the AFP, has maintained a large number of bases throughout the country compared to other branches.

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Philippine Army has made use of its existing equipment to fulfill its mandate while modernization projects are underway.

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