20 Facts About PJ Walker

1. PJ Walker was 8 of 19 from the field, made four 3-pointers and all six of his free throws.

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2. PJ Walker answered with a 3-pointer, but Clark tied it at 68 with two free throws before Walker sealed it.

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3. PJ Walker was the first person in the match and the last one eliminated.

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4. PJ Walker was released from his contract on June 5, 2006.

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5. PJ Walker appeared with Total Nonstop Action Wrestling, forming a stable with several other ex-ECW wrestlers and reviving his feud with Jerry Lynn.

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6. PJ Walker has appeared several times for Ring of Honor, where he was a member of The Carnage Crew, and for Xtreme Pro Wrestling, where he feuded with Shane Douglas.

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7. PJ Walker competed against Sandman in the final match in the history of ECW on January 13, 2001, which he won but offered a rematch, which he lost to Sandman.

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8. PJ Walker threw down his ECW World Tag Team Championship belt and challenged Dreamer to defend the title against him on the spot to which Dreamer agreed.

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9. PJ Walker joined forces with Jack Victory and Rod Price against Dreamer and The Gangstanators in a Philly Street Fight at the UltraClash event, where his team lost.

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10. PJ Walker began his next major feud with the company's veteran Tommy Dreamer in 1998.

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11. PJ Walker was then released on the condition that he could not work for rival promotion World Championship Wrestling, which was then luring wrestlers away from the WWF with the promise of larger salaries.

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12. PJ Walker made only one pay-per-view appearance in 1996 at the Royal Rumble, where he participated in the Royal Rumble match, where he lasted only two minutes until he was eliminated by Tatanka.

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13. PJ Walker lasted 13 minutes until he was eliminated by eventual winner Shawn Michaels.

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14. PJ Walker worked a few matches as an enhancement talent in World Championship Wrestling in 1994.

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15. PJ Walker continued to wrestle sporadically in WWF throughout 1993 and 1994.

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16. PJ Walker was mainly trained by his future tag team partner, Lance Storm, and Chris Jericho, who both graduated the program the year before.

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17. PJ Walker formed Impact Players with Lance Storm in 1999 and the duo won the World Tag Team Championship twice in 2000.

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18. PJ Walker got his biggest exposure when he joined ECW in 1997 as Justin Credible and enjoyed a successful career.

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19. PJ Walker began a two-month winning streak before feuding with the company's top wrestlers for the next two years.

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20. PJ Walker is known for his earlier stint with the WWF under the ring name Aldo Montoya.

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