24 Facts About Ponnani


Ponnani is a municipality in Ponnani Taluk, Malappuram District, in the state of Kerala, India.

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Ponnani is located 68 km south to Kozhikode city, 48 km southwest to Malappuram city, 91 km northwest to Palakkad city, and 50 km northwest to Thrissur city.

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Ponnani is located right in the middle of the Kerala coast.

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City of Ponnani provided ideological support for the battles against the Estado da India.

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Ponnani, once known as the "Little Mecca of Malabar" and the "Jami'at al-Azhar of Malabar", was a prominent center of Islamic learning.

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Bharathappuzha, known as the Ponnani River, has contributed much to the Malayalam literature.

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Ponnani is described by different authors, all the way from Europe to Arabia to China, in different names.

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Anyway the name Ponnani is connected with the maritime trade that occurred here for centuries.

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Several inscriptions written in Old Malayalam those date back to the 10th century CE, have found from Sukapuram near Ponnani, which was one of the 64 old Nambudiri villages of Kerala.

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Ponnani used to be under the control of the Brahmins of "Tirumanasseri Natu", with protection from the Vellattiri chief, in medieval times.

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The port at Ponnani was defended by fortifications on either bank of the river.

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The Marakkars later moved his base to Kozhikode and when Ponnani was sacked by de Menezes, he offered help to the Samutiri in his fight against the Portuguese.

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Ponnani is usually considered as the military capital of the Samutiris of Kozhikode.

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Kutti Ali of Ponnani was a powerful captain of the Samutiri Fleet having with him more than 7,000 armed men.

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Defenses of the Ponnani Port were repaired and strengthened after this event.

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Thirty-eight ships belonging to Chinna Kutti Ali were burnt; a large number of Mappilas were killed, the coconut trees on either bank of the River Ponnani were cut by the Cochin Nairs, and houses, shops and mosques were all destroyed.

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In 1552, the Samutiri of Kozhikode received assistance in heavy guns landed at Ponnani, brought by certain Yoosuf, a Turk, who had sailed against the monsoon winds.

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Muslims from Ponnani is known to have actively participated in the Siege of Fort Chaliyam in 1571.

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The Samutiri of Kozhikode sent against the Fort Chaliyam certain of his ministers in command over the Muslims of Ponnani, who were assisted by bodies of people from Chaliyam.

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Ponnani pulled down the wooded structures and erected one of stone of considerable strength.

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Ponnani Canal was constructed for the transportation of goods from Ponnani to Tirur railway station.

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Ponnani was a major hub of Indian nationalist movement in Malabar District during the British Raj.

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Ponnani was a social reformer and was a leading lawyer of the Court of Ponnani.

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Ponnani is headquarters of the Coastal Police Station of Malappuram District.

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