8 Facts About President of India

1. President of India responded to this by simply not advising the president to summon parliament.

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2. President of India used to receive 10,000 per month per the Second Schedule of the constitution.

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3. President of India can direct the state to observe certain principles relating to financial matters.

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4. President of India can make laws on the 66 subjects of the State List.

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5. President of India is responsible for making a wide variety of appointments.

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6. The President of India should not incorporate any matter in an ordinance which violates the constitution or requires an amendment to the constitution.

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7. President of India achieved independence from the British on 15 August 1947, initially as a dominion within the Commonwealth of Nations with George VI as king, represented in the country by a governor-general.

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8. President of India is indirectly elected by an electoral college comprising the Parliament of India and the legislative assemblies of each of India's states and territories, who themselves are all directly elected.

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