13 Facts About Reader's Digest


Reader's Digest is an American general-interest family magazine, published 10 times a year.

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For many years, Reader's Digest was the best-selling consumer magazine in the United States; it lost the distinction in 2009 to Better Homes and Gardens.

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Global editions of Reader's Digest reach an additional 40 million people in more than 70 countries, via 49 editions in 21 languages.

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Since its inception Reader's Digest has maintained a conservative and anti-Communist perspective on political and social issues.

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From 2002 through 2006, Reader's Digest conducted a vocabulary competition in schools throughout the US called Reader's Digest National Word Power Challenge.

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Reader's Digest emerged from bankruptcy with the lenders exchanging debt for equity, and Ripplewood's entire equity investment was extinguished.

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Reader's Digest was purchased for £1 by Mike Luckwell, a venture capitalist and once the biggest shareholder in WPP plc.

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Reader's Digest partnered with RCA to offer a mail-order music club which offered discount pricing on vinyl records.

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UK edition of Reader's Digest has been criticized by the Trading Standards Institute for preying on the elderly and vulnerable with misleading bulk mailings that claim the recipient is guaranteed a large cash prize and advising them not to discuss this with anyone else.

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The ASA investigation upheld the complaint in 2008, ruling that the Reader's Digest mailing was irresponsible and misleading and had breached three clauses of the Committee of Advertising Practice code.

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Reader's Digest is currently published in 49 editions and 21 languages and is available in over 70 countries, including Slovenia, Croatia, and Romania in 2008.

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Some countries had editions but no longer do; for example, the Danish version of Reader's Digest ceased publication in 2005 and was replaced by the Swedish version; as a result, the Swedish edition covers stories about both countries .

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Reader's Digest publishes bi-monthly a series of softcover anthologies called Reader's Digest Select Editions .

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