6 Facts About Sheffield Wednesday FC

1. At the 2005 playoff final, Sheffield Wednesday FC took over 39,000 fans to the Millennium Stadium.

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2. In 1992 Sheffield Wednesday FC were the fourth best supported team in the country, but although that ranking has come down since relegation from the Premier League in 2000, the club still has still enjoyed crowds of well over 20,000 since then, and was the best supported club outside the top flight in 2006.

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3. Sheffield Wednesday FC's socks have been predominantly black, blue or white throughout their history.

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4. On 1 February 1868, Sheffield Wednesday FC played their first competitive football match as they entered the Cromwell Cup, a one-off four-team competition for newly formed clubs.

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5. Sheffield Wednesday FC have competed in UEFA cup competitions on four occasions, reaching the quarter-finals of the Inter-Cities Fairs Cup in 1963.

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6. Sheffield Wednesday FC is one of the oldest football clubs in the world of any code, and the third-oldest professional association football club in England, excluding clubs with informal or disputed foundation dates.

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