13 Facts About Shilluk Kingdom


Shilluk Kingdom, dominated by the Shilluk people, was located along the left bank of the White Nile river in what is South Sudan and southern Sudan.

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The Shilluk Kingdom king is currently not an independent political leader, but a traditional chieftain within the governments of South Sudan and Sudan.

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The current Shilluk Kingdom king is His Majesty Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet who ascended to the throne in 1993.

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Shilluk Kingdom was located along a strip of land along the western and eastern bank of White Nile and sobat river, from Lake No to about 12° north latitude.

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The Shilluk Kingdom people are closely related to the commoner South Sudanese ethnic groups, the Nuer and Dinka .

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English name for the Shilluk Kingdom language derives from the Arabic version of the Shilluk Kingdom self-designation: Cøllø, or Chollo.

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The Shilluk Kingdom king was no exception; the Reth of the south would send his Shilluk Kingdom warriors upstream to Dinka lands.

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Shilluk Kingdom reached its peak in the 18th century, as the Sultanate of Sennar declined in power.

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The Shilluk Kingdom kings took the disappearance of Sennar from the political scene as an opportunity to strengthen their position on the northern frontier.

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The Shilluk Kingdom expanded its territory up to the area where Khartoum was later built, and defeated numerous attempted invasions by the northern peoples.

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Present Shilluk Kingdom is known by Sudanese as Podh Cøllø after the independence of the Republic of Sudan -1956 to-date.

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Today, Shilluk Kingdom is part of present Republic of South Sudan and the current Shilluk King is Reth Kwongo Dak Padiet who was to succeed to Rethship in 1993 after the death of the previous Reth Ayang Aney Kur in 1992.

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The Shilluk Kingdom focus on a figure who lived so long ago his life is shrouded in myth: King Nyikang.

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