18 Facts About Slam Dunk Contest

1. Slam Dunk Contest had kept the VHS, unaware of what was on it.

2. Slam Dunk Contest eventually found his solution—ironically, in the middle of the NCAA's dunking ban.

3. Slam Dunk Contest lived in central Illinois and operated a grain elevator, a job that called on his ingenuity quite often.

4. Slam Dunk Contest was teammates with both Kobe Bryant and Shaq.

5. Slam Dunk Contest told Wilkins he never had anything prepared, didn't practice for it.

6. Slam Dunk Contest defeated Wilkins with two perfect 50-point scores in the final round.

7. Slam Dunk Contest was raised in a small two-bedroom home and used basketball as an inspiration.

8. Slam Dunk Contest gathered his co-stars for pickup games and extended the invite to anyone.

9. Slam Dunk Contest had some unfinished business, though, before heading to New Orleans.

10. Slam Dunk Contest was booed every time he touched the ball, and his Boston Celtics left town with a loss.

11. Slam Dunk Contest made enough 3-point shots on that Canada trip to offer encouragement he'll be an effective perimeter shooter, but in Division I games has gone 2-of-14.

12. Slam Dunk Contest averaged 20.9 points in his first season.

13. Slam Dunk Contest likely had an advantage over Williamson in terms of length, which was as important for his ability to defend the goal as his jumping.

14. Slam Dunk Contest blocked 74 shots in 89 career games at Wake Forest.

15. Slam Dunk Contest played in the NBA for 12 seasons, including four with the Los Angeles Clippers, and managed a career average of 10.9 points.

16. Slam Dunk Contest's added the three ball where at least you have to be honest.

17. Slam Dunk Contest can go up and grab a rebound over five, six people, block shots, score around the bucket.

18. Slam Dunk Contest scored a perfect fifty with his last slam, a windmill over a table.