22 Facts About SSC Napoli


SSC Napoli has won two Serie A titles, six Coppa Italia titles, two Supercoppa Italiana titles, and one UEFA Cup.

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Club was formed in 1926 as Associazione Calcio SSC Napoli following the merger of US Internazionale SSC Napoli and Naples Foot-Ball Club.

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SSC Napoli saw relatively little success in its early years, winning their first major trophy in the 1962 Coppa Italia.

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SSC Napoli then saw increased success in the late 1970s and especially in the 1980s, after the club acquired Diego Maradona in 1984.

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SSC Napoli are one of the associate members of the European Club Association.

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SSC Napoli traditionally wear sky blue shirts with white shorts at home and white shirts with either white or sky blue shorts away.

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SSC Napoli was a capable goal-scorer and eventually set the all-time goal-scoring record for Napoli, which was later surpassed by players like Diego Maradona and Marek Hamsik.

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SSC Napoli entered the Serie A era under the management of William Garbutt.

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SSC Napoli moved to their new home ground Stadio San Paolo in 1959.

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However, this was surrounded by less auspicious circumstances as SSC Napoli were awarded two points for a game, when in Bergamo, an Atalanta fan threw a 100 lira coin at Alemao's head.

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However, after the final, the Italian Football Federation forced Maradona to take a doping test, which he failed testing positive for cocaine; both Maradona and SSC Napoli staff later claimed it was a revenge plot for events at the World Cup.

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On 23 December 2017, Marek Hamsik overtook Diego Maradona as SSC Napoli's all-time leading scorer after scoring his 115th goal.

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In December 2020, SSC Napoli renamed San Paolo after Diego Maradona, after the passing away of their beloved club icon.

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SSC Napoli finished fifth in Serie A that season after a draw on the final day, missing a Champions League berth by one point.

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SSC Napoli has had many managers and trainers, some seasons they have had co-managers running the team.

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SSC Napoli holds the record for league appearances with 408 over the course of 12 years from 2007 to 2019.

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On 31 July 2020, SSC Napoli confirmed the signing of Victor Osimhen from Lille for a transfer fee of €70 million, making him SSC Napoli's most expensive signing.

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One of the nicknames of SSC Napoli is "I ciucci", which means "the donkeys" in the Neapolitan language.

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Since the club officially adopted the "N badge" as its representative, SSC Napoli have altered it slightly at various times; sometimes it features the club's name around it, sometimes it does not.

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Unlike other Italian cities such as Genoa, Milan, Rome and Turin, SSC Napoli is the only major football club in the city and therefore there is no derby in the strict sense of the term.

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Fans of SSC Napoli do co-star in two particular derbies in Italy against other regional teams: Derby della Campania generally refers to a rivalry with regional clubs, mainly Avellino and Salernitana.

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SSC Napoli have a famous and long-standing friendship with the fans of Genoa.

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