31 Facts About Star-Lord


Star-Lord is a fictional character and superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.

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Star-Lord became the leader of the space-based superhero team Guardians of the Galaxy in the 2008 relaunch of the comic of the same name.

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Star-Lord has been featured in a variety of associated Marvel merchandise, including animated television series, toys and trading cards.

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Star-Lord has appeared in Marvel Preview, with writer Chris Claremont revamping the character and using science fiction adventure stories like the Heinlein juveniles for inspiration.

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Star-Lord made sporadic appearances over the next few years in the titles Marvel Super Special, Marvel Spotlight, and Marvel Premiere.

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Star-Lord appeared as a main character in the core Secret Wars miniseries, and in a tie-in miniseries during the event, Star-Lord and Kitty Pryde.

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Star-Lord is soon captured by the army of Spartax but he escapes imprisonment and broadcasts a video showing the unfairness of his father's reign.

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Star-Lord declared war against the Shi'ar empire after intervening in one of their trials to rescue the kidnapped young Jean Grey along with the X-Men.

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Star-Lord decides to steal an important artifact from J'son as payback.

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The life raft that Star-Lord was on remained in cryostasis for the next eight years, until they are awakened by Doctor Strange, a new Thor, and Miles Morales.

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Star-Lord ends up in the domain of Manhattan, where he gets a job singing in the popular club, "the Quiet Room", singing Disney songs, as Disney films never existed in Battleworld, using the alias of Steve Rogers to hide from Doom.

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Gambit leaves, but Kitty uses a scanner to discover that Star-Lord is from before Battleworld's creation, and she plans to take him to Doom.

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Star-Lord asks Drax if he knows a good geneticist, as he plans on using Rocket's tail to make a clone of his friend, possibly an army of them.

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Star-Lord then finds Kitty and Old Man Logan in an art gallery, where Kitty shouts at him for carrying his guns into an art gallery with children.

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Peter is prosecuted by Matt Murdock, who argues that unlike other superheroes, Star-Lord was reckless and endangered civilians while causing substantial property damage.

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Star-Lord was taken in by a pair of travelers on this new world, Mors and Aradia, whom he eventually acquitted himself to both as friends as well as family and eventually lovers while spending more than one-hundred and eighty seven years running a gauntlet of escapades with them.

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Star-Lord came to see that his Element Gun had changed significantly since when last he used it, initially the blaster had a finite charge on which elements he could churn out at which succession.

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Star-Lord found that use of the gun didn't seem to diminish its power supply.

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Star-Lord is a master strategist and problem solver who is an expert in close-quarter combat, various human and alien firearms, and battle techniques.

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Star-Lord has extensive knowledge of various alien customs, societies, and cultures, and considerable knowledge about cosmic abstracts, such as Oblivion.

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Star-Lord uses an "Element Gun", a special meta-pistol capable of projecting one of the four elements .

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Star-Lord's has proven capable of creating a human form, which she can then animate and use as a host.

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Star-Lord's has felt deeper attachments, including love for her partners.

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Star-Lord was outfitted with a Kree-issued heat-dampening espionage battle-suit, which became the hallmark look for the Guardians of the Galaxy, a battle helmet, and a universal translator, all of which he still uses.

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Star-Lord's chosen weapons are two Kree sub-machine guns with various types of ammunition, including explosives.

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Star-Lord's transformation has seemingly rendered him immune to psionic intrusion.

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Years later, Star-Lord becomes involved in stopping a group of slavers who are destroying worlds.

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Star-Lord's efforts led him to discover a conspiracy to replace the emperor of the Spartoi Empire.

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Star-Lord then meets Emperor Jason who reveals that he is Peter's father.

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Star-Lord is an evil version of Star-Lord from an alternate universe.

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Star-Lord possesses the Reality Stone and is allied with Thanos.

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