8 Facts About Staten Island Chuck

1. Staten Island Chuck was kept safe from the slippery hands of elected officials in a Plexiglass box and lifted out of his burrow by an elevator.

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2. Staten Island Chuck survived another Groundhog Day unharmed as de Blasio skipped the ceremony for the third year in a row, with Comptroller Scott Stringer taking his place.

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3. Staten Island Chuck predicted an early spring for the city during a Friday morning Groundhog Day ceremony at the Staten Island Zoo.

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4. Staten Island Chuck has a pretty good track record—29 correct predictions in 35 years.

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5. Staten Island Chuck left his burrow in search of his shadow around 7:30 am at the Staten Island Zoo, to no avail.

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6. On February 2, 2015, this female "Staten Island Chuck" walked out of a hutch that an elevator had lifted onto the stage of a portable Plexiglass habitat, while de Blasio watched from six feet away.

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7. Staten Island Chuck had a contentious relationship with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, whom he notoriously bit in 2009.

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8. Staten Island Chuck, referred to more formally as Charles G Hogg, is a groundhog who resided in the Staten Island Zoo in Staten Island, New York City.

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