17 Facts About The Los Angeles Dodgers

1. The Los Angeles Dodgers have not issued the number 34 since the departure of Fernando Valenzuela in 1991, although it has not been officially retired.

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2. In 1976, he was selected by The Los Angeles Dodgers fans as the Most Memorable Personality in the team's history.

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3. The Los Angeles Dodgers set the world record for the largest attendance for a single baseball game during an exhibition game against the Boston Red Sox on March 28, 2008 at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in honor of the Dodgers 50th anniversary, with 115,300 fans in attendance.

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4. The Los Angeles Dodgers have a loyal fanbase, evidenced by the fact that the Dodgers were the first MLB team to attract more than 3 million fans in a season, and accomplished that feat six more times before any other franchise did it once.

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5. The Los Angeles Dodgers had a heated rivalry with the Cincinnati Reds during the 1970s, 1980s and early 1990s.

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6. The Los Angeles Dodgers have been groundbreaking in their signing of players from Asia; mainly Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan.

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7. In 2018, The Los Angeles Dodgers will be wearing their 60th anniversary patch to honor the 60 years of being in Los Angeles.

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8. In 2014, The Los Angeles Dodgers introduced an alternate road jersey: a gray version with the "Dodgers" script instead of the city name.

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9. In 1970, The Los Angeles Dodgers removed the city name from the road jerseys and had "Dodgers" on both the home and away uniforms.

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10. The word "The Los Angeles Dodgers" was first used on the front of the team's home jersey in 1933; the uniform was then white with red pinstripes and a stylized "B" on the left shoulder.

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11. The Los Angeles Dodgers were the first Major League Baseball team to ever play in Los Angeles.

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12. The blue background used by The Los Angeles Dodgers, would be adopted by the Mets, honoring their New York NL forebears with a blend of Dodgers blue and Giants orange.

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13. The Los Angeles Dodgers was the inaugural recipient of the Rookie of the Year award, which is named the Jackie Robinson Award in his honor.

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14. The Los Angeles Dodgers were founded in 1883 as the Brooklyn Atlantics, taking the name of a defunct team that had played in Brooklyn before them.

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15. The Los Angeles Dodgers won the pennant in 2017 and 2018, but lost the World Series to the Houston Astros and Boston Red Sox respectively.

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16. The Los Angeles Dodgers won four more pennants in 1966, 1974, 1977 and 1978, but lost in each World Series appearance.

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17. In 1941, The Los Angeles Dodgers captured their third National League pennant, only to lose to the New York Yankees.

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