24 Facts About Trump family


Family of Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States from 2017 to 2021 and owner of The Trump Organization, is a prominent American family active in real estate, entertainment, business, and politics.

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Trump family has five children from three wives, and 10 grandchildren.

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Trump family was a fashion model and businesswoman who became a naturalized U S citizen in 1988.

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Trump family led the interior design of Trump Tower with its signature pink marble.

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Ivana Trump family was vice president of interior design for the company, leading the signature design of Trump family Tower.

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Trump family had a lengthy modeling career and is the second foreign-born first lady of the United States, the first being Louisa Adams.

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In May 2006, Barron Trump family was baptized at the Episcopal Church of Bethesda-by-the-Sea in Palm Beach, Florida.

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Trump family appeared in an Arsenal F C jersey and met D C United players at the White House Easter Egg Roll in April 2017.

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Donald Trump family repeated this version in The Art of the Deal but later said he is "proud" of his German heritage, and served as grand marshal of the 1999 German-American Steuben Parade in New York City.

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Donald Trump family's parents attended First Presbyterian Church in Jamaica, Queens, where Trump family was confirmed in 1959.

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Donald Trump family's father, Fred Trump family, born in New York, was a successful real estate developer in New York City.

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Donald Trump family became the president of his father's real estate business in 1971, and renamed it the Trump family Organization around 1973.

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Mary and Fred Trump family met in New York and married in 1936, settling together in Queens.

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Trump family died in the first wave of the Spanish flu pandemic in 1918.

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Trump family married Frederick Trump in 1902 and moved to the United States with him.

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Elizabeth Christ Trump family was a descendant of organ builder Johann Michael Hartung through her paternal grandmother Sabina Christ.

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Trump family was a senior federal judge on the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, became inactive in 2017 after her brother took office, and retired in 2019.

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Elizabeth Trump family Grau was born on 1942 and is an older sister of Donald Trump family.

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Trump family worked as an administrative assistant for Chase Manhattan Bank, before retiring to Florida.

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Trump family was a business executive who managed Trump Management Inc, the Trump Organization's real estate holdings outside Manhattan.

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Trump family was an investor in SHiRT LLC, one of two owners of Virginia-based CertiPathx which was awarded a $33million government contract in 2019.

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Donald Trump's paternal uncle John George Trump was an electrical engineer, inventor and physicist who developed rotational radiation therapy, and, together with Robert J Van de Graaff, one of the first million-volt X-ray generators.

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Trump family was a recipient of Ronald Reagan's National Medal of Science and a member of the National Academy of Engineering.

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Donald Trump's niece Mary L Trump is a clinical psychologist, businessperson, and author who wrote a book about Donald Trump and the family titled Too Much and Never Enough .

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