42 Facts About Ty Cobb

1. Ty Cobb wrote the Dodgers owner to show appreciation "for what you did for this fine man".

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2. Ty Cobb felt that Crawford was "a hell of a good player", but he was "second best" on the Tigers and "hated to be an ran".

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3. Ty Cobb said that Cobb had not been a very good fielder, "so he blamed me.

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4. In retirement, Ty Cobb wrote a letter to a writer for The Sporting News accusing Crawford of not helping in the outfield and of intentionally fouling off balls when Cobb was stealing a base.

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5. Ty Cobb was not popular with his teammates, and as Cobb became the biggest star in baseball, Crawford was unhappy with the preferential treatment given to Cobb.

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6. On that day, Ty Cobb was one of the first members to be inducted into the Franklin County Sports Hall of Fame.

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7. Ty Cobb checked into Emory Hospital for the last time in June 1961.

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8. Ty Cobb established the Cobb Educational Fund, which awarded scholarships to needy Georgia students bound for college, by endowing it with a $100,000 donation in 1953.

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9. At this time, Ty Cobb became generous with his wealth, donating $100,000 in his parents' name for his hometown to build a modern 24-bed hospital, Cobb Memorial Hospital, which is part of the Ty Cobb Healthcare System.

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10. At the age of 62, Ty Cobb married a second time in 1949.

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11. Ty Cobb was instrumental in helping Joe DiMaggio negotiate his rookie contract with the New York Yankees.

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12. Ty Cobb was a major stockholder in the Coca-Cola Corporation, which by itself would have made him wealthy.

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13. Ty Cobb spent his retirement pursuing his off-season avocations of hunting, golfing, polo and fishing.

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14. Ty Cobb ended his career with a rather dubious record.

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15. Ty Cobb used this knowledge to his advantage by standing closer to the plate.

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16. Ty Cobb announced his retirement after a 22-year career as a Tiger in November 1926, and headed home to Augusta, Georgia.

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17. On May 10, 1924, Ty Cobb was honored at ceremonies before a game in Washington, DC, by more than 100 dignitaries and legislators.

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18. Ty Cobb received 21 books, one for each year in professional baseball.

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19. In 1922, Ty Cobb tied a batting record set by Wee Willie Keeler, with four five-hit games in a season.

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20. Ty Cobb was given the rank of captain underneath the command of Major Branch Rickey, the president of the St Louis Cardinals.

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21. Ty Cobb served approximately 67 days overseas before receiving an honorable discharge and returning to the United States.

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22. In October 1918, Ty Cobb enlisted in the Chemical Corps branch of the United States Army and was sent to the Allied Expeditionary Forces headquarters in Chaumont, France.

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23. Ty Cobb had six hitting streaks of at least 20 games in his career, second only to Pete Rose's seven.

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24. In 1917, Ty Cobb hit in 35 consecutive games, still the only player with two 35-game hitting streaks.

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25. Ty Cobb went on to state that he warned Highlander manager Harry Wolverton that if something wasn't done about that man, there would be trouble.

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26. On May 15, 1912, Ty Cobb assaulted a heckler, Claude Lucker, in the stands in New York's Hilltop Park where his Tigers were playing the Highlanders.

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27. Ty Cobb was awarded another Chalmers car, this time for being voted the AL MVP by the Baseball Writers' Association of America.

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28. Ty Cobb ignored Jackson when Jackson tried to say anything to him.

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29. Ty Cobb was having a tremendous year in 1911, which included a 40-game hitting streak.

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30. Ty Cobb regarded baseball as "something like a war", future Tiger second baseman Charlie Gehringer said.

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31. Ty Cobb declared Cobb the rightful owner of the title, but car company president Hugh Chalmers chose to award one to both Cobb and Lajoie.

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32. Ty Cobb sat out the final games to preserve his average.

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33. In September 1907, Ty Cobb began a relationship with The Coca-Cola Company that lasted the remainder of his life.

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34. Ty Cobb had spent the previous year defending himself on several occasions from assaults by Schmidt, with Schmidt often coming out of nowhere to blindside Cobb.

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35. Ty Cobb accomplished the feat four more times during his career.

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36. Ty Cobb is going to be a great baseball player and I won't allow him to be driven off this club.

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37. In 1911, Ty Cobb moved to Detroit's architecturally significant and now historically protected Woodbridge neighborhood, from which he would walk with his dogs to the ballpark prior to games.

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38. Ty Cobb was born in 1886 in Narrows, Georgia, a small rural community of farmers that was unincorporated.

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39. Ty Cobb is widely credited with setting 90 MLB records during his career.

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40. Ty Cobb spent 22 seasons with the Detroit Tigers, the last six as the team's player-manager, and finished his career with the Philadelphia Athletics.

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41. Ty Cobb suited up Sunday for the first time since Week 3 averaging 7.2 YPC and scoring a touchdown himself.

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42. Ty Cobb returned from a hamstring injury last week, catching four of five targets.

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