10 Facts About Ullevi


Ullevi, sometimes known as Nya Ullevi, is a multi-purpose stadium in Gothenburg, Sweden.

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Ullevi held three Group B matches at UEFA Euro 1992 as well as a semi-final, and the final itself on 26 June in which Denmark won the trophy against Germany.

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Ullevi nearly collapsed during a Bruce Springsteen concert on 8 June 1985 due to the rhythmic movement of tens of thousands of people in the audience and the clay soil on which the stadium is built.

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Ullevi was treated in the stadium before returning to the stage to continue the rest of the concert sitting down in a chair while a medic applied a cast.

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Since March 2007, Ullevi has one of Sweden's largest solar power plants, consisting of 600m² of solar photovoltaic panels situated on the roof of the luxury boxes section.

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Ullevi has hosted Motorcycle speedway and hosted the Speedway World Championship on no less than eight occasions, second only to the old Wembley Stadium in London, England which hosted the World Final a record 26 times.

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Ullevi would have to wait 26 years before World Team Cup competition returned with the stadium hosting the first round of the three round 1986 Final.

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Ullevi hosted its only World Pairs Championship Final in 1983 when Peter Collins and Kenny Carter won England's 6th Pairs crown.

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Ullevi is located on the eastern edge of Gothenburg's city centre and is one of the centre pieces of the event district Evenemangsstraket, with Scandinavium, Liseberg, Universeum, the Museum of World Culture and Bergakungen nearby.

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Ullevi Sodra serves lines 2 and 13, while Ullevi Norra serves lines 1 and 3 .

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